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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-09-04

In this week's issue:  why funny-looking prices on the
shelves may keep retailers in business, why American seniors
may have to sacrifice, and how some say Osama bin Laden is
alive and well in Utah.

Artnews looks at the challenges facing art curators and
conservators who have to preserve art that is made from
unstable or ephemeral materials such as food, latex, or
bodily fluids.

---Business Technology---
A Business 2.0 article touts the successes of
price-optimization software for retailers.
CIO takes the measure of Web Services in their current state
and concludes that they're still not ready for prime time.

Europe has decided that carmakers must be responsible for
disposing of and recycling all end-of-life vehicles.  The
problem, Auto Industries points out, is figuring out just

---Health Care---
Managed Care warns of a rise in the number of sham health
insurance plans, which, fueled by a dramatic rise in
premiums nationwide, are preying on consumers seeking price
Managed Care interviews Richard Lamm, a former Colorado
governor and senior citizen who is arguing that America's
seniors need to make sacrifices for the benefit of future

---The Internet---
Business 2.0 has a good general guide for keeping your
personal information safe, no matter how you use the web.
Salon interviews a professional urban-legend-debunker about
the rumors that persist on the Internet as the September 11
anniversary approaches.

A Salon article identifies mutual fund managers' conflicts
of interest as a problem that needs to be addressed.
Mutual Funds provides a guide on the options that exist for
your company retirement account when leaving that employer.

Technology Marketing has an interesting analysis of Apple's
"Switch" campaign, aimed at getting PC users to dump
Microsoft and go Apple.

Salon explores an important and timeless question: Who are
more annoying? Cat people or dog people?

---Social Issues---
Japan is finally beginning to take responsibility and make
amends for its ghastly use of biological and chemical
weapons on the Chinese in World War II, reports Time Asia.

---U.S. Society & Politics---
Was there or was there not a new American baby boom after
September 11, 2001?  Salon investigates.
The New Republic laments that after all the talk about
moving away from Middle East oil, the U.S. has done nothing
toward that goal since September 11.