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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-08-28

In this week's issue, read about high-stakes fish tales, why
the market needs help, China's own Woodstock, and more.

Proving once again that no sport is safe from scandal,
Sports Illustrated looks at the problem of cheating in
big-money fishing competitions.

MyBusiness reports on small businesses that have found
success taking their products or services directly to the
customer's door.
Should your business pony up for one of the new Internet
domain names, like .biz or .info?  Inc looks into it.

---Finance & Economy---
In The New Republic, financier/philanthropist George Soros
contends that the financial markets won't fix themselves.

The Atlantic Monthly offers up some great recipes for
end-of-summer grilling.

A Salon review characterizes a new guide to expressing
oneself online, written by two former New York Times
editors, as banal and wrongheaded.

A Salon article argues that CNN's release of the "al-Qaeda
tapes" was important and gives us a look at what a news
channel should be.

A report filed from China's long-awaited version of
Woodstock, the Snow Mountain Festival, appears in Time Asia.

An Inc article looks at how neuroscientists are
investigating the brain processes of the creative genius.
The study of cat genes has brought on some breakthrough
discoveries in AIDS research and forensic science, according
to Smithsonian.

---U.S. Politics & Society---
American Prospect reports on the highly pitched battle over
whether America's National Parks should be able to charge
fees to be used by the park that collects them.
U.S. military authorities likely haven't gotten the windfall
of intelligence information they were hoping for from
al-Qaeda prisoners held in Cuba, notes The American