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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-07-31

In this week's issue:  Dream jobs, auction fraud, foreign
aid, and athletes as role models.

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A scathing book review in a widely-read magazine has 
prompted debate in the larger literary community as to what
a reviewer's responsibilities are, according to Salon.
Salon reviews a new book on how pilgrim and Native American
religions mixed and mingled in the colonial period, shaping
early America.
 Buy this book:

Kiplinger's looks at nine people who have found a way to get
paid to do what they love -- dream jobs.

Context interviews the CEO of Dow Jones Corp., publishers of
The Wall Street Journal, about how the Internet has changed
and will change the news business.
What makes some online exchanges work and others fail? 
Business 2.0 investigates.
Just because the Internet hasn't created a new economy yet
doesn't mean it won't, writes Context.
Business 2.0 reports that fraud is more prevalent on eBay's
network than the company likes to admit.
Internet radio stations are struggling to reverse a royalty
ruling that they say will render their species extinct,
reports PC World.

A Kiplinger's article looks at how investors can profit(eer)
from increased spending in the war on terrorism.

---Home Improvement---
This Old House advises readers on what to look for in a
cordless drill.
Fed up with summer heat?  This Old House has a buyer's guide
for air-conditioning units.

Science News reports on new studies looking into what makes
male sex offenders tick.

---Social Issues---
A piece in The New Republic notes that the politics of
foreign aid may be changing, rebutting the widely-held
notion that foreign aid simply doesn't work.
War, bad government, and AIDS are compounding the effects of
a serious drought in southern Africa, reports Time Europe.
Salon sees something sinister in the EPA's cuts to the
Superfund program for cleaning up the nation's most toxic

A New Republic article thinks it's irrational that we should
expect our professional athletes to be role models.

---World Politics & Society---
A leadership change in China is imminent, reports Time Asia,
though most Chinese don't seem to care much.