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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-07-17

In this week's issue:  Simplifying your business, computers
that heal themselves, making crop circles, making the
future, and more.

An Inc article explains how it can be cathartic -- and good
for business -- to fire your worst customers.
A Fast Company article conveys tips on how to better manage
the paper in your life.

---Business Technology---
Fed up with the high costs and often poor performance of
consultants, many CIOs are turning to their own managers to
get big projects done, says a CIO article.

Nissan's new, reborn Z-car is received with much praise by
Car & Driver.

A Fast Company article looks at IBM's vision of self-healing
Care to read e-books on your PDA?  Palmpower tells you what
you need to know about file formats and software.
PC World says monitors with Multi-Layer Display technology
will soon be available to give a 3D look to PC displays.

Add a research center to your website:

A piece in FDA Consumer reports on the battle against
antibacterial resistance and on efforts underway by doctors,
the government, and industry to combat it.
In the wake of the abrupt termination of a portion of a
hormone replacement therapy study, Salon looks at the risks
of HRT.
Salon reports on celebrities quietly receiving payments from
drug companies to discuss their ailments on TV talk shows.
Science News looks at new data on why people so often get
diarrhea while traveling to other countries, and how to
avoid getting sick.
In the wake of Britain's loosening of laws against
Marijuana, Time Europe interviews neuroscientist Susan
Greenfield about the hazards of pot.
FDA Consumer warns readers of false advertising claims made
by purveyors of electrical muscle stimulators that promise
washboard abs.

Scientific American features one person's first-hand account
of creating crop circles.

Experts are warning Americans to expect a major terrorist
cyberattack, according to a PC World article.
PC World reports on (yet another) new, extremely high-risk
security hole in Internet Explorer and Outlook.
Salon looks at the possible repercussions of Palladium,
Microsoft's new security initiative.

Salon interviews two of the futurists behind Steven
Spielberg's Minority Report on how they created a largely
plausible 2054 for the film.
Salon pans Road to Perdition.

Popular Mechanics reports that cracks in the fuel lines of
all four space shuttles have left them all grounded.

---Social Issues---
According to Salon, the advent of digital photography has
revolutionized the prosecution of domestic violence cases.

A Sports Illustrated article touches on baseball's All-Star
Game disaster, a fiasco the author feels Baseball deserved.

---U.S. Society & Politics---
An open letter in Atlantic Unbound urges E.P.A. director
Christine Todd Whitman to resign on principle.

---World Society & Politics---
Time Europe looks at the prospects for the newly launched
African Union.