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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-07-03

We'd like to wish a happy Independence Day to our U.S.
readers.  This week's issue includes stories on customer
service's Big Brother, the MBA value myth, cocaine
technology, and another use for coffee.

A CIO article looks at new software tools that tout
"predictive intelligence" -- are they valuable advisors for
CIO examines the business plan of new low-cost airline
JetBlue, a reinvention of the airline with a 21st-century
focus on efficiency, service and IT.
With the Xbox, is Microsoft beginning a plan to take on Dell
in the low-end family PC market?  A Red Herring article
explores the possibility.
Ever hear "this call may be monitored for quality purposes"?
Internet World looks at one such system that helps companies
fine tune and deliver better customer service.

Computer User offers a guide to different certifications and
degrees for those looking to begin or advance a career in
information technology.
There's little evidence to show that spending tens of
thousands of dollars to get an MBA is worth it, says
Business 2.0.

Researchers have found a powerful new pesticide to rid
gardens of slugs and snails, according to Science News: 

---Home Electronics---
A Sound & Vision piece looks at the current status of
long-awaited developments in high-definition television, or
A PC World article reminds computer users that the latest is
not always the greatest when it comes to tech. Feel and
usability often matter more than impressive numbers.

Add a research center to your website:

Salon recounts the story of an unusually shady and
fraudulent "search engine marketing" company that seems to
have epitomized the greedy underbelly of the dot-com boom.

A Business 2.0 article claims that biotech stocks, beaten
down, are still no bargain.

Yes, they're annoying, but infomercials move a lot of
merchandise.  Kiplinger's looks at how they get us to buy.

A Kiplinger's article has advice for parents about how to
educate their kids about money and teach them to be
financially responsible.

---Science & Engineering---
Red Herring takes a look at several new technologies in
development to replace standard computer memory.
Hologram technology is almost ready for widespread use,
reports a Business 2.0 article.

---World Society & Politics---
The International Criminal Court is launched, but, Time
Europe reports, many are wondering how effective it will be
without U.S. participation.
A Time Europe article explains how tiny Norway has come to
have such a disproportionate role in international
India is a magnet for new planned "utopian" communities,
writes Metropolis.
Business 2.0 looks at the formidable array of technology
systems and infrastructure used by Colombian cocaine cartels
to smuggle and protect their crop.
A Time Asia article suggests that hosting the World Cup may
not have been worth it, after all, for Japan and South