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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-05-22

In this week's issue:  Music for the branded lifestyle,
blaming the parents instead of the teacher, legalizing
drugs, and a World Cup preview...
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CIO looks at different ways that employers can encourage
their workers to share what they know with one another.
A Salon piece tells how graphics card maker Nvidia has
triumphed in a turbulent, fast-moving and cutthroat market
that must feed the voracious technology appetites of gamers.
Business 2.0 profiles the little company behind the branded
"lifestyle" compilation CDs sold at retailers like Pottery
Barn, J. Crew, and Williams-Sonoma.
If you're going to make changes to your business, an
Entrepreneur article suggests you do it quickly.

America doesn't have a crisis in schooling, says an
Education Week article; it has a crisis in child-rearing.
More good news for wine drinkers:  researchers have found
drinking a few glasses a day helps to protect against the
common cold, according to Science News.
Might researchers fare better against cancer by treating it
as a chronic disease to subdue and control while they search
for a cure?  A piece in The Scientist investigates.
Salon examines the quickly evolving world of online dating
services -- a burgeoning industry where singles have learned
to fine-tune their personal "brands" like so many cola
Business 2.0 has a roundup of all the new online ad formats,
from what they are to what they cost.

A Business 2.0 article examines mistakes people commonly
make managing their 401(k) retirement plans.
---Social Issues---
A Time Asia article criticizes the criminal justice system
in Pakistan, where a raped woman can be convicted of
adultery and sentenced to death by public stoning.
In an American Prospect article, researchers who completed a
ten-year-long study of the effects of drug legalization
conclude that legalization would reduce drug-related crime
but increase drug use and addiction.
A Salon piece remarks that negotiations between Major League
Baseball players and team owners represent a bizarre
inversion of normal labor disputes.
Sports Illustrated handicaps the field of finalists for
soccer's 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan.

---U.S. Politics & Society---
A Mother Jones article examines the Bush administration's
plans for building new, smaller nuclear weapons for use in
conventional battles.
Salon interviews the woman fighter pilot who successfully
fought to free US servicewomen stationed in Saudi Arabia
from regulations mandating head-to-toe Muslim robes off