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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-05-08

In this week's issue:  Testing prospective employees, the
online gambling life, embarrassing e-mails, the death of
P/E, and remote-control rats...
---Business Technology---
Optimize reports on a study of businesses' Internet
initiatives that found huge increases in productivity and
A CIO article argues that businesses, in order to thwart
cyberattackers, need to better share information and
analysis about their security holes and exploits.
Optimize looks at applying manufacturing's Six Sigma
approach to quality in business-process planning.
Are pre-employment skills, intelligence, and personality
tests worth the effort for employers?  An Employment Review
article investigates.
A Computer User article looks at the current state of color
reproduction accuracy in digital photography and at
improvements on the horizon.

---Health & Medicine---
A Managed Care article looks at interaction between the
Canadian and U.S. medical systems as an opportunity to
highlight differences between the systems.
Experts are calling for a more streamlined system to deal
with the increasing number of food poisoning outbreaks in
schools, reports Education Week.

A Salon article takes the reader inside the world of online
casino gambling.
A PC World article collects some of the most disastrous and
embarrassing e-mail mistakes.
The state of Michigan is setting up an online court for
business disputes in order to speed the judicial process,
according to CIO.
The pros and cons of legally obligating IT workers to report
online child pornography are debated in Optimize.
Science News looks at what behavioral scientists are finding
out about the Internet's effect on the social lives of its
Salon tries to sort out a tangled mess of pop-up ads,
spyware, and malicious browser-vulnerability exploits that
made up an insidious online marketing campaign.

A Mutual Funds article explains why a popular method of
stock valuation, the price-earnings ratio, has been
undermined by suspect accounting.
According to Science News, researchers have found a way to
steer rats through a maze by manipulating remote-control
electrodes in the rats' brains.
---U.S. Politics & Society---
Do farm subsidies make sense for the United States anymore? 
A Salon piece examines the issue.
Employment Review presents its annual list of the best
places to live and work in America.

---World Politics & Society---
Is having such a close relationship with the United States
bad for Britain?  A Time Europe article looks into this
contention raised by a new book.
A Time Asia article chronicles the life of a Burmese rock
star -- a difficult career in a country where every song
must be vetted by a military junta's censors.