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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-05-01

In this week's issue:  management and computer-buying tips,
boot camp for civilians, our DNA geneaology, bad bishops and
crooked monks...
IMPORTANT:  There is a nasty computer virus going around
called "Klez."  If your computer gets infected, the virus
will hunt for email addresses on your computer and send
infected emails to those addresses with bogus "From:"
addresses also culled from your computer, which can cause
problems for people who aren't even infected.  Details:,1282,52055,00.html,1282,52174,00.html

An Entrepreneur article describes how "reverse mentoring"
can work, with younger employees teaching older ones the
nuances of new technology.
What trends in management have been debunked in the past
five years, and what's next?  An Entrepreneur article
Domestic corporate tax haven Delaware is facing a big budget
deficit, reports Salon, and is considering asking big
business to give back a little.
Smithsonian profiles a Sotheby's contemporary art auctioneer
upon whose credibility the venerable but scandal-rocked
house now relies.
An Inc article reports on the process of changing your
company completely from one line of business to another.
Get ready for Mother's Day (May 12):

---Computing & Internet---
PC World shares its editorial staff's tips on choosing the
right computers and peripherals right now.
Salon covers a bill in Congress that purports to safeguard
online privacy, but may in fact open the door for more
intrusive marketing.
Science News reports on the controversy over whether
mammograms are effective in reducing mortality from breast
Kiplinger's looks at fitness boot camps, whose intense
discipline is winning converts from health clubs and from
the couch.
---Home & Garden---
A Garden Gate article tackles the question of how to choose
the right lawn care service.

---Relationships & the Law---
A piece in Kiplinger's points out the many legal steps that
unmarried couples must take to have financial rights similar
to those granted to married couples.
In a New Republic article, a Catholic criticizes the
American Catholic bishops for failing to address their own
culpability in the pedophilia scandal.
A Time Asia story looks at crooked Buddhist monks in
Thailand and at the "monk police" charged with stopping
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Knowledge@Wharton reviews E.O. Wilson's new book, The Future
of Life, a tome that seeks to revitalize the conservation
movement and reconcile it with technophile pragmatism.
 Buy this book:
A piece in The Scientist argues that environmental groups'
crusade against genetically modified crops is misdirected.
Skeptical Inquirer evaluates 50 years of Bigfoot evidence.
Atlantic Unbound interviews the author of a new book that
traces human history through DNA evidence.
Is honey capable of carrying deadly plant poisons?  Science
News reports on three new international studies that suggest
just that.

During the National Hockey League playoffs it's standard
practice for teams to lie about their players' injuries,
reports Sports Illustrated.