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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-04-17

In this week's issue:  the year's smartest ads, a more
evolved hybrid car, technology where you wouldn't expect it,
and where to find deals on travel...
An Atlantic Unbound piece holds Enron up as an example of a
company that demands loyalty from its employees, yet shows
them no loyalty in return.
Employment Review takes its annual look at the current role
of women in corporate America.
A feature in Business 2.0 honors the year's most innovative,
savvy, and effective marketing campaigns.
Fast Company takes a look at how organizations become highly
reliable by preparing to respond to the unexpected.
A Red Herring article shows how Microsoft was persuaded to
build a video game console, the Xbox.

Get ready for Mother's Day (May 12):
Car & Driver reviews perhaps the best hybrid gas/electric
automobile yet:  the 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid.
An Education Week article examines language instruction in
the Oakland, Calif., schools, seven years after Oakland's
controversial "ebonics" resolution.
Despite setbacks, researchers remain optimistic about the
development of a vaccine for Alzheimer's disease, according
to Scientific American.

A Business 2.0 article warns investors against "value
traps," cheap stocks that will just keep getting cheaper.
New Republic reports on an experiment by the band Wilco to
test whether online music trading really has a detrimental
effect on record sales.
Add a research center to your website with our feed service:
Business 2.0 looks at the tech toolbox of World Series MVP
pitcher Curt Schilling, a self-described geek who prepares
for games by combing through digital video of his last
20,000 pitches.
Salon looks at how some churches are employing multimedia
technology to stay hip and boost the numbers of their

A Kiplinger's piece reviews where on the web one can find
the latest, greatest last-minute travel deals.
In Salon, an airline pilot talks about the new fear and
anger that September 11 brought into his line of work.
---U.S. Politics & Society---
A Salon article covers the Bush administration's fight to
keep presidential papers under lock and key.
---World Politics & Society---
A Time Europe article wonders how long the French will be
able to maintain their excellent, if expensive, public