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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-03-06

In this week's issue:  Doing the math for your business, the
gift of consumerism, the science of small things, and why
the witness-protection program works.
Salon reviews a new biography of the psychic Adolf Hitler
regularly consulted during his rise to power, who happened
to be Jewish.
 Buy "Hanussen: Hitler's Jewish Clairvoyant," by Mel Gordon:
A Time Europe article reports that automaker Ford is
hitching its future, in large part, to its stable of pricy
European models:  Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar and Aston
A Darwin article goes over ways to measure return on
investment (ROI).

---Computers & Internet---
A Computer User article advises readers on how to dispose of
or give away old computer equipment the right way.
A spate of new Outlook and Outlook Express worms could wipe
your hard drive, a PC World article warns.
A security flaw in the web scripting language PHP could
cause problems for a large number of websites, according to
a PC World article.
A Salon article looks at the way the wireless Internet
access system is being built from the bottom up, rather than
the top down.
A Reason article argues that consumer culture liberates
Islam as well as the West.
An AskMen article goes over what you should do if you are
involved in an auto accident.

A Kiplinger's article looks at teachers who are devising
creative strategies for teaching financial literacy to their
---Home Improvement---
Kiplinger's has an article on how to choose the right
specialists for a remodeling project.
---International Politics---
Atlantic Monthly interviews a prominent Pakistani who is
eager to use nuclear weapons against India.
A new European Convention hopes to address the interests of
both European Union member nations and those states hoping
to join the E.U., reports Time Europe.

The Scientist takes a realistic look at the short- and
long-term prospects for deriving useful technology from
Science News looks at research into the physics behind (or
underneath) avalanches.
---U.S. Politics & Society---
Salon interviews Robert Shur, the man who founded the
federal witness protection program and ran it for 30 years.
An increase in violent crime in American cities since
September 11 owes to an increased focus on terrorism by
police and a corresponding neglect of street duty, according
to The New Republic.
Salon looks at the training and job duties of bomb-sniffing
In The American Prospect, historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.,
argues for the reform of the U.S. Electoral College system
to avoid sending popular-vote losers to the White House.