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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-02-06

In this issue:  Ethics in business, drinking for health,
press coverage of the military, and an intriguing new
geopolitical alliance.
A Knowledge@Wharton article says Kmart, which recently filed
for bankruptcy protection, has been a study in how not to do
business for the past 10 years.
Computer User warns small businesses about the zealous wrath
of the Business Software Alliance -- and why keeping track
of software licenses is necessary.
An Optimize article sounds a warning about the need to make
sure that a company's rules don't work against its
employees' sense of ethics.
An article in The Advocate examines the state of niche
marketing to gay and lesbian consumers, an estimated $450
billion market.
An American Prospect article explores what happened to the
once-prosperous American steel industry and what can be done
to save it.
Will Enron's top brass go to jail?  An American Prospect
article lays out the scenarios in which executives might be

A Computer User article wonders what we'll do with all the
data-storage capacity the near future will bring.
Reason looks at what happens when for-profit school
management companies like Edison Schools clash with the
districts that hire them.
Science News reports on research showing that moderate
alcohol use can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's
disease and other forms of dementia.
Salon presents a guide for parents on how to tell if your
child is at risk for joining the Taliban.

A Reason article complains that the reporters assigned to
cover the military generally lack the necessary background
to understand and cover it accurately.
An American Prospect article deals with the charges of
plagiarism being leveled against popular historian Stephen
Save Money at's Outlet Stores:
Sound & Vision test-drives a new Cadillac to see if XM's new
satellite radio offerings -- at the moment available only
for cars -- are worth the monthly subscription fee.
A space biologist advocates sending life scientists to Mars
sooner rather than later, in a piece for The Scientist.

---Social Issues---
A Salon article tries to figure out why a paramedic would
become the Palestinians' first female bomber.
A Salon article argues that since we can't stop terrorists
from using unbreakable encryption on computer data, we
shouldn't even try.
---World Politics---
The New Republic reports on a growing affinity between India
and Israel, who are finding they have much in common
strategically and culturally.