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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-01-30

In this issue:  Love in business, terror-proof architecture,
the Winter Olympics, and more...
All you need is love... in business? That's what a Yahoo!
exec says in a Fast Company article.
Tunnel closures and rising traffic in the Alps have tied up
Europe's flow of goods, according to Time Europe.
The new federal building in Oklahoma City provides a look at
how office architecture will change under heightened concern
over terrorism, says a Fast Company article.
According to an Education Week piece, the school environment
is not especially conducive to boys' success.
A New Republic article reports on attempts to racially
integrate the University of Alabama's immensely powerful
all-white fraternities and sororities.

Fast Company interviews the author of a new book on courage,
who still finds the subject a bit of a mystery.
 Buy The Mystery of Courage by William Ian Miller:
Outside profiles six of the top wilderness search-and-rescue
squads and the work they do.
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The Enron case is shaping up to be the mother of all
class-action claims, reports Salon.

An Atlantic Monthly article revisits a World War II case
where the Third Reich sent two teams of saboteurs to the
U.S. -- operatives that failed miserably in their mission to
cripple U.S. industry.
---Social Issues---
America's "supermaximum-security" prisons may literally be
making their inmates go crazy, according to an article in
The American Prospect.
Outside previews the upcoming 2002 Winter Olympic Games in
Salt Lake City, Utah.
---U.S. Politics---
A New Republic piece argues that campaign-finance reform
will do nothing to stop corporations and wealthy individuals
from continuing to wield enormous political influence.

---World Politics---
Afghanistan needs more than monetary support from the rest
of the world if it is to recover, reports FEER.