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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-01-23

In this issue:  Accounting for Enron, dating advice books,
online gold, the best bands ever, and more...
Time Europe reviews a new book that suggests developments in
the visual arts were driven by technological advances that
were constantly changing the set of raw materials with which
artists could work.
 Buy Ball's Bright Earth: Art and the Invention of Color:
CFO looks at new accounting rules for goodwill and how they
might be percieved by investors.
Banking Strategies looks at how to structure incentive pay
to ensure that sales efforts align with customer needs.
Entrepreneur warns of hazards that companies seeking capital
should avoid.
Entrepreneur gives advice on protecting your wireless LAN
from hackers.
Salon interviews one of the few Enron employees who still
has a job, a trader who expresses little regret.

An Atlantic Monthly article dissects the advice in a crop of
modern dating manuals.
Free eBooks
An Internet currency based on the ages-old gold standard is
gaining traction, reports Wired.
Teacher Magazine looks at teaching diversity in the
classroom in the wake of September 11.

Kiplinger's picks three investment vehicles poised for good
Kiplinger's reports that the demise of the 30-year Treasury
bond means a bigger payout for retirees in traditional
pension plans who choose a lump sum payment.
Mutual Funds examines the new SEC chairman, Harvey L. Pitt,
and whether he is likely to fight hard for the best
interests of investors.
In the wake of Arthur Andersen passing its triennial peer
review "without qualification," New Republic takes a
critical look at the peer-review process.
Culture Vulture reviews Black Hawk Down, the Ridley
Scott/Jerry Bruckheimer film about American troops in the
midst of Somalia's civil war.
Spin lists its 25 "Greatest Bands of All Time" -- it should
be at least enough to start some conversations.
PC World surveys online music subscription sites and finds
them disappointing.

Science News reports on a gene that may be linked to aging.
An article in The Scientist provides a look at how
universities are managing the relationships between their
research scientists and the pharmaceutical companies that
partner with them.
---Social Issues---
The American Prospect looks at court cases related to the
boundary between free speech and plausible threats of
---World Politics---
The Chinese army is going shopping for the latest military
technology and building up its arsenal, a situation that
heightens international tensions and is a serious boon to
arms suppliers.