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In this week's issue:  sin city meets the sublime, a
journalist braves the high school halls at 55, where
technology meets religion and more...
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The Guggenheim recently opened two new museums in the most
unlikely of places:  a Las Vegas hotel-casino.
A Kiplingers article deals with employees who leave their
company to start a competing business, and wind up accused
of stealing trade secrets.  The article also offers advice
for would-be entrepreneurs on how to play it by the book.
A Fast Company article takes a look at Darwinian natural
selection as a guiding metaphor for the business climate
An Optimize article tries to get a handle on the slippery
but important business concept of uncertainty.
To get an inside perspective on what high school in suburban
America is like these days, fifty-five-year-old journalist
Elinor Burkett took the unthinkable step of going back to
school.  Atlantic Unbound interviews her about the
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Education Week reports that military recruiters' access to
American high school campuses remains a touchy and
complicated issue.
An Education Week article reports on how students,
educators, and police cooperated to foil plans for what
might have been a school attack the magnitude of Columbine.
In Kiplinger's, one economist explains why his faith in the
long-term prospects of owning stocks hasn't wavered, even in
light of the post-September 11 malaise in the market.

A Salon writer finds fascination in the recently-released
secret tapes of former U.S. president Lyndon Johnson.
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---The Internet---
Salon reviews Sonic Boom, a new history of the rise of
Napster and the unstoppable march of file trading over the
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CIO interviews two web design "gurus" who have competing
ideas about how websites should work.  If you haven't
visited it recently, check out -- we've
changed our look a bit.
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---Science & Technology---
Dr. Dobb's Journal reports on the history of mathematical
and computer-based weather forecasting.
A panel of business and technology visionaries convened by
Darwin Magazine lays out what we need from technology in the
coming year -- and what we're likely to get.
A Darwin article confronts questions about the spiritual and
theological ramifications of technology and the Internet.
---World Politics---
A FEER article centers on the UN-sponsored talks in Germany
where Afghan leaders began the difficult task of charting
out a new government to fill the void left by the Taliban.