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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2001-11-21

In this week's issue:  hot markets, the flu, video game
consoles, wine, and more... We wish a good Thanksgiving to
our American readers.
Researchers are creating more and more pervasive technology
to help improve the lives of the elderly.  Wired has the
story of the world's most technologically advanced rest
home, a model of gerontechnology called Oatfield Estates.
Metropolis has an article on the MIT AgeLab, where
technologies are being developed to help understand and deal
with aging.
A CIO article warns of the dark side of outsourcing that can
hollow out a company by giving away all the best work.
Chipmaker Intel is digging in to fend off competition from
Via and Transmeta, reports FEER.
Entrepreneur has a list of hot markets to be in for those
planning to start a new business in 2002.
A Web Techniques article argues that publishers shouldn't
give up on free, ad-supported online content.

Holiday shopping at Books, Electronics, Music
FDA Consumer offers tips for warding off colds and flu and
beating the symptoms if you have them.
A Salon writer recalls how he decided to learn to love spam.
A Smithsonian article profiles University of New Mexico
biology professor Jerry Dragoo, who has dedicated his life
to the better understanding and treatment of skunks.
A Sports Illustrated article looks at the travails of women
athletes in the Muslim world.

---Terrorism & War---
A Scientific American article points out just how easy it is
to buy all the ingredients for a chemical weapons attack
through the mail.
Time Asia reports on the ground-scouring allied hunt for
Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan.
Scientific American says the Indian subcontinent is the most
likely place in the world for nuclear war to break out.
Time Europe reports that protests against the transport of
nuclear waste for storage have gotten a boost due to
heightened fear such shipments will be targeted by
Salon looks at the rail system in America now that air
disasters seem to be reviving interest in travel by train,
and finds it crippled by decades of neglect.

---Video Games---
A Salon article compares the new video game consoles from
Nintendo and Microsoft with Sony's year-old PlayStation 2,
as the holiday buying season approaches.
A biochem entrepreneur claims he's cracked the science
behind formulating fine wines.  A Wired article profiles his
A Wired article looks at the lives of people in far-flung
places whose jobs require them to set their work and body
clocks to Manhattan time.