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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2001-11-07

In this week's issue:  the Microsoft morass, the rescue of
the stock market, an army of George Lucases, and more...
---Antitrust Law---
Salon's panel of experts weighs in on the settlement
brokered between the Bush administration and Microsoft in
the antitrust case.
A Reason article argues that the antitrust precedents
underlying the case against Microsoft were themselves
misapplications of the law and didn't help consumers.
---Business Strategy---
Darwin gives advice for companies trying to increase
collaboration among employees.
A CIO case study of American credit-card issuer Capital
One's expansion into Europe reveals the many challenges in
navigating gnarled and alien regulatory and cultural
FEER reports on General Motors' takeover of South Korean
automaker Daewoo Motors, a risky acquisition in a promising
but tricky market.
Asiaweek's annual list of the 1000 largest companies in Asia
occasions a call for cleaner corporate governance in these
troubling economic times.

---Business Technology---
A CIO article looks at the persistence of print in the face
of digital competition, and the future of business printing.
Many corporate intranets fail to increase productivity or
even gain acceptance.  Darwin looks at how to make your
intranet a success.
The chief information officer of Nasdaq tells CIO how the
exchange dealt with the World Trade Center attacks, which
took out its headquarters, and was up and running six days
Computer User shows you some ways to hide or encrypt
sensitive data on your computer.
Salon examines a drug subculture that has sprung up as an
adjunct to serious computer gaming.
Teachers regularly avoid discussing moral questions in the
classroom, when in fact they should encourage students to
think and ask about the realms of meaning and morality,
argues an Education Week article.

A Reason article defends the fast food industry against
arguments posed in the recent muckraking book Fast Food
---International Politics---
The perceived post-September 11 patriotism of the American
media is raising doubts abroad about their reputation for
objectivity, reports FEER.
Poor laborers in dangerous coal mines just won a class
action against their employers -- the surprising part is
that it happened in China, according to Asiaweek.
A Time Asia article has an overview of what is publicly
known about Osama bin Laden's global terrorist network, al
Salon reports on an ambitious project to archive everything
online for posterity.
A Salon article looks at the many fan re-edits of George
Lucas's "Star Wars:  Episode One -- The Phantom Menace"
circulating the Internet, and how digital video technology
is making directors out of critics.

---U.S. Politics---
Metropolis covers the controversy over two state flags'
Confederate symbols, which produced strikingly different
design responses in Mississippi and Georgia.