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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2001-10-03

In this issue:  questioning the airline bail-out, how a slow
economy helps schools, how Napster may have prepared
authorities for terrorism, and the best places on the web to
manage your finances...
Can one mega-company absorb another and still work the way
it used to?  The Hewlett Packard-Compaq merger raises the
corporate culture question, and Knowledge@Wharton addresses
Did the U.S. government need to bail out the nation's
airlines, some of which were in danger of failing even
before the September 11 attacks? asks a New Republic
Teleconferencing over the web has come a long way, reports
CIO, although it still has its quirks.
An Internet World piece advocates the relinquishment of
techno-jargon and so-called "consultantspeak" as a step
towards making e-business better.
The softening economy and the legions of laid-off workers
have provided a surge of qualified job candidates to school
districts that had formerly had trouble filling positions,
reports Education Week.

Top Wireless Devices
---International Politics---
After years of threatening Taiwan with missiles and
saber-rattling, China is turning to economic lures to woo
Taiwan back under its control -- with some success, reports
A Salon article points out that America's best Muslim ally,
Saudi Arabia, is a repressive state that has been a hotbed
of support for Islamic extremism.
A Salon article suggests that some lessons about fighting
decentralized terrorist networks might precipitate out of
the media industry's battles with the likes of Napster.
A Time Europe article profiles Afghanistan's deposed King
Zahir Shah, exiled in Rome and now potentially a factor in
replacing the Taliban.
Salon interviews an Afghan woman who is part of an
underground resistance movement that risks execution to
educate the world about the Taliban's atrocities.

Best Selling Books
---The Internet---
Mutual Funds surveys the most useful personal finance sites
on the web.
According to a PC World article, balancing free speech with
responsible administration is a challenge for ISPs and site
hosts when their users post hateful sites or message-board
A Reason article surveys the issue of U.S. obscenity law as
it applies to the Internet, relevant now since the Supreme
Court is poised to make a major First Amendment decision on
the issue.
Has a new, serious competitor to Google's search engine
dominance emerged?  Information Today analyzes the prospects
of Teoma.

---Science & Engineering---
Metropolis remarks that, in order for sustainable, "green"
design to come into its own, star architects will have to
come to the fore to build great buildings.
A Science News article shows how the movements of tiny
particles of dust can manipulate global climate.