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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2001-09-26

In this week's issue:  how to make flying safe again, the
implications of longevity, fire-fighting goats, the latest
in the war on terrorism, and more.
---Air Safety---
A New Republic article outlines some steps and modifications
necessary to make airplanes safer from hijacking.
MicroTimes has an article for businesses addressing the
important task of backing up data.  When is it best to do it
yourself and when does it make sense to outsource it?
An Emerging Business piece extols the virtues of persistence
when the selling gets tough.
A Smithsonian article notes the variety of classic American
cars that, ingeniously patched up and maintained by
generations of Cubans, continue to cruise the streets of
In Car & Driver, a columnist explores the vandalism of
traffic signs.

---Education & Discipline---
An Education Week article challenges not just the
high-stakes testing movement in the schools, but the
seemingly uncontroversial "standards" movement that
underlies the tests.
Violence among girls is rising, and interventions designed
for boys aren't sufficient in dealing with it, reports a
Teacher Magazine article.
Our increased longevity as a society has begun to raise
complex ethical and economic questions regarding quality of
life and the medical industry, as a Red Herring article
A PC World article documents the effects of the computer
world's latest scourge, the Nimda worm, pointing out some
nasty new features.
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In California communities where wildfires are a constant
threat and "prescribed burns" to clear dry brush are too
dangerous, residents are calling on herds of browsing goats
to reduce the risks, says a Smithsonian article.
A Sports Illustrated article talks about sportscasters' and
sportswriters' new stance on the
war metaphors that permeate sports.
---World Politics---
A Weekly Standard article argues that the American alliance
should fare better in an Afghan war than the Soviet Union
How Asian nations take sides in the U.S.-led antiterrorist
response could change the face of security in the region,
reports FEER.
An Asiaweek article looks at the unenviable position of
Pakistan now in world politics, as it finds itself
potentially as endangered as is Afghanistan.
A Salon article illustrates how women are the first victims
of fanatics like the Taliban.