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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2001-09-12

Our sympathies go out to everyone touched by Tuesday's
tragedy.  You can find links to useful resources at:
In this issue of Hot Articles:  technology and community,
Windows XP's new freebies, online brokerages, and religion
in The Simpsons...
Business 2.0 gets an audience with leading management guru
Peter Drucker, who assesses the new economy and how
technology affects the underlying principles of doing
A Business 2.0 article sizes up the state of venture capital
in the U.S.  VCs are down, it reports, but far from out -- and Flooz notwithstanding.
Scientific American reviews a new text by an oilman and
geologist that predicts that world oil production will peak
this decade and begin a steep decline.
CIO examines the set of business practices that has allowed
a CEO-CIO team to turn around three very troubled companies.

---Culture & Technology---
A column in Red Herring predicts that advances in technology
will eventually lead us to better appreciate the
technology-free parts of our lives.
A CIO article claims that information technology is helping
to destroy community and cultural unity in the world.
A Wired article shows how the Internet has spurred the
parents of very ill children -- who previously were isolated
victims of genetic fate -- to unite, commune, and incite
medical discovery.
PC World takes a detailed look at the new features in
Windows XP that once were the domain of third-party
applications.  Do they pose a threat to established vendors'
software, or do users get what they pay for?
An Outside article reviews the latest commuter bicycles and

Electronic currency company PayPal has had a rough road, but
Wired reports on its hopes of imminent profitability and how
it has come this far.
A Line56 article reports that the Internet didn't do away
with sales reps -- it will, however, cause dramatic changes
in strategy and deployment.
Red Herring reports on the National Basketball Association's
broad and innovative digital-broadcasting efforts.
An Education Week article tracked five first-year teachers
last year to chronicle their experiences in one of the
hardest jobs there is.
An Education Week article tackles character education: what
it is, why it's needed, and how it's being done right and
wrong in the U.S.

---The Internet---
Scientific American reports on the progress of the 3-D
Internet:  the hardware is there; a new type of web simply
needs programming.
Kiplinger's ranks and reviews online stock brokerages.
Science News reports on a new type of liquid that may
revolutionize chemistry by being both better and more
environmentally friendly than traditional organic solvents.
An Entertainment Today article points out the recent
attention given to religious themes in the television show
The Simpsons.
Salon has collected first-person accounts of the September
11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.
A macabrely relevant Mother Jones article that hit the web
last week mused on the examination of a wanted poster for
Usama bin Laden in a suburban New Jersey post office.

---U.S. Politics---
Ralph Nader has lost a lot of stature on the Left since the
presidential election.  A Mother Jones article puzzles over
whether Nader has committed political suicide.