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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2001-08-22

In this issue:  software that keeps your e-mails coherent,
the world's furthest fall, and a way to control devices with
your mind...
The business world has buzzed recently about customer
relationship management, being customer-centric, and other
the-customer-is-boss messages.  A Fast Company article has a
roundtable discussion over whether this is just hype or a
real change in how business will work.
A Smart Computing article reviews software that can help the
grammar- and spelling-challenged polish their prose for
business communication.
A deal between the Indian government and a large hotel chain
to privatize the management of the Taj Mahal has upset many
traditionalists who fear the monument's commercialization,
reports Asiaweek.
According to a Salon article, stubborn opposition to
mandatory salt-iodization measures has left India with 70
million individuals affected by iodine-deficiency disorders
including retardation and severe birth defects.

---The Internet---
The public shortcomings of Microsoft's Hotmail free e-mail
service do not inspire confidence in a company that wants
users to entrust it with all their personal information,
says a Salon article.
New eBooks at a 15% discount:
A Mutual Funds article deals with index funds and how they
fit in to a variety of investment strategies.
---The Legal System---
In a New Republic piece, a law professor who has written
extensively about jury behavior describes his recent
experience actually sitting on a jury in a criminal case.
A Wired article describes the technical and organizational
issues surrounding a project to execute the world's highest
skydive:  from 130,000 feet, through the stratosphere and
the sound barrier.

Wired looks at alternative interfaces that are being
developed to let disabled individuals move paralyzed limbs
or control prostheses with their brains.
FEER reports that alternatives to diesel based on vegetable
oil are giving a boost to the Thai agricultural industry.
---World Politics---
A FEER article points out many similarities between Japanese
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and former U.S. President
Ronald Reagan.
To the surprise of many, enthusiasm for the European Union
is beginning to wane among the poorer countries of Eastern
Europe, reports The New Republic.