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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2001-07-25

In this week's edition:  indoctrinating little salespeople,
the business uncertainty principle, a spying syllabus, how
wind power could save rural America, and more...
U.S. News reports on advertisers' new tactic:  pitch to
kids, hoping they'll influence their parents' big-ticket
purchases, like automobiles.
Salon talks to Michael Lewis about his new book, "Next: The
Future Just Happened."
 Buy "Next: The Future Just Happened":
---Business Strategy---
An Entrepreneur article lists the seven deadly sins that
confront small-business owners and offers advice on how to
avoid them.
An Industry Standard article discusses the uncertainties
inherent in the metrics used to quantify business

---Business & Technology---
Red Herring speculates on the future of IT with opinions
provided by venture capitalist Vinod Khosla.
A Red Herring article reports on a recent case that limits
patent rights and could have a profound impact on
businesses, especially in the biotechnology industry.
The Industry Standard reports on the latest "convergence"
empire to emerge with USA Networks's purchase of online
travel site Expedia.
---Computers & Software---
eCompany Now offers advice on buying a photo printer.
The Industry Standard reviews computer programs that let
aspiring music producers churn out radio-ready remixes and
electronica from their desktops.
Salon talks with a Java advocate who's lobbying computer
makers to make sure Microsoft's new non-Java-enabled Windows
XP doesn't cut off the language's air supply.

---Finance & Investing---
Individual Investor shines a spotlight on stocks that stand
to prosper from energy crises.
The stock exchanges recently announced that members of
company audit committees must be financially literate.  What
alarms Red Herring is that this regulation was necessary.
Free eBooks
Britain's national archive has released, in book form, its
lesson plans for training World War II-era spies and agents,
reports Time Europe.

Salon takes issue with the advice for dealing with a problem
child given in a recent book, "The Explosive Child".
A U.S. News article deals with scientific evidence that
males are the weaker sex -- and how society tries to cope
with boys' handicaps.
An article in The Scientist says that people should accept
that rigorous scientific study often fails to support
politicians' and activists' pet ideas.
A Science News article reports that U.S. farmers may be able
to reap far greater profits renting out their land for wind
turbines than by farming it.
---Social Issues---
Time Asia reports that young backpackers are finding Laos a
difficult destination to leave as they enmesh themselves in
the opium scene.
Time Europe reports on the killing of a protester at the G-8
summit in Italy.

Salon criticizes the International Olympic Committee for its
corruption and refusal to stand up to China.