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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2001-07-11

In this week's edition, read about Nazi plunder, what the
Suez Canal has to do with the Internet, poisonous
playgrounds, pro-cloning arguments, and whether porn's
profitability makes a difference.  Enjoy.
An interview in Humanities focuses on the disappearance of
artwork during World War II and its ramifications in the art
world today.
Time looks at how the GE-Honeywell merger attempt collapsed
in Europe, and what this may mean for future mergers.
An Industry Standard article uses examples of other massive
infrastructure projects to explain why we might not expect
the Internet to increase profits for quite some time.

---Business Technology---
A PC World article reports on the status of IP telephone
systems for businesses.  The rollout has begun, but the
points to consider before buying are myriad.
Microtimes outlines some steps to make upgrading your Web
site a less onerous process.
A PC World article supplies a list of preparations to take
in order to avoid disaster when installing software
Cash-poor urban schools are being targeted for
software-license crackdowns by giants like Microsoft.  A
Salon article asks whether they should be treated the same
as businesses, given lenience, or switch to using free,
open-source software.
Salon reports on the continuing popularity of the
decades-old Atari game console among playability fans and
programming purists.
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Salon recommends the film "Cats & Dogs" as a worthy and
entertaining summer diversion.
An American Family Physician article touts women's
contributions to the field of medicine.
Ninety percent of outdoor-use wood produced in the U.S. is
treated with arsenic.  Time reports that concern is now
arising over its safety, especially in childrens'
A Japanese pilot recalls his first air-raid, bombing Pearl
Harbor, for Time Asia.
IDB America recounts the evolution of the steel drum, from
discarded oil barrels to a global musical tradition.
---International Politics---
FEER reports on the preparations and hopes for the July 14
Pakistan-India summit.

A Science News article explores the mathematics involved in
the workings of modern acoustic panels that improve the
experience of listening to music.
Wired reports on advances in microchip-controlled prosthetic
legs that promise to work almost as well as the real thing.
Time reports on the first completely self-contained
artificial heart, which was implanted in a patient last
---Social Issues---
The Scientist presents several arguments against a ban on
cloning and cloning research.
A New Republic article observes that writers lately have
been fawning over the profitability of the porn industry,
and suggests (with some dismay) that money now seems to
justify amorality.

A Sports Illustrated article advocates equal pay for female
tennis pros, who, the article asserts, are more popular and
play more exciting tennis than their male counterparts.
---U.S. Politics---
A Salon article reviews two new books that argue the Supreme
Court's decision in Bush vs. Gore was legally unprincipled
and baldly biased.
Salon details the baroque orchestrations of spin and public
relations swirling in the case of the missing Washington