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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2001-06-27

In this week's edition: putting the noble in Barnes & Noble,
pink-slip parties, smelling for space, and more.  If you
like what you read, please feel free to forward this
newsletter to your friends.
---Books & Book Culture---
A piece in The Atlantic Monthly argues that the chain
bookstores -- contrary to criticism from the cultural elite
-- have enormously enriched our cultural life.
In Salon, a writer complains of how technological advances
like cellphones are making it impossible for authors to use
traditional plot devices in fiction and still sound
The Atlantic Monthly reviews "I Watched a Wild Hog Eat My
Baby!", a history of the tabloids and their cultural impact.
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Has the Internet stopped growing?  The answer seems to be
"no" for now, but, The Industry Standard reports, the
possibility has many in the telecom industry worried.
U.S. News looks at some of the unconventional approaches
companies are taking to make firings a bit sweeter for
downsized workers.
With job losses piling up across many industries, Industry
Standard germanely delves into all aspects of severance: 
what people are getting and how they are getting it.
A Business 2.0 article reports in depth about five proven
new technologies that businesses are benefitting from now.
Free eBooks:
In Smithsonian, a writer describes the experience of
community at one of the Appalachian Trail's more remote

New Scientist interviews NASA's top sniffer, George Aldrich,
who is responsible for making sure no nauseating odors end
up burning astronauts' noses.
Science News reports on the two new species of dinosaur
fossil unearthed in the southwestern United States.
A New Scientist article reports on research that seems to
have found a neural basis for the specific kinds of
hallucinations that psychedelic drugs induce.
---Social Issues---
We human beings are far more than the sum of our genetic
parts, argues a New Republic article, so we needn't fear
genetic research.
A Salon article reports that controversy over emergency
contraception -- the so-called morning-after pill -- may
take center stage in the abortion debate.
A New Republic piece complains that computer-generated women
like Tomb Raider heroine Lara Croft are setting the
body-image bar for real women unnaturally high.

---World Politics---
FEER examines the effectiveness of Taiwan's "dollar
diplomacy" that pays Central American countries to recognize
An Asiaweek article profiles five prominent philanthropists
who are helping to bridge Asia's digital divide.
A Weekly Standard article claims the Middle East conflict
has become polarized not over a question of land, but over a
moral question: is Israel a criminal state?