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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2001-06-13

In this week's edition:  beating the burn, a plausible bull,
hardball science, school spankings, and ransom insurance
(with handy tips in case you're abducted).
---Business & Strategy---
A Fast Company article conveys leadership wisdom from a
symphony conductor.
eCompany Now proffers negotiating strategies to help you
prosper from new deals in these tight economic times.
A New Republic piece asserts that alleged management deity
Jack Welch is overrated.
Time reports that more employers are adopting "rank and
yank" systems where employees are routinely rated and the
bottom of the bunch is sent packing.

Scientific American summarizes the science of saving your
skin from the sun.
A U.S. News article reports on a growing medical crisis in
the U.S.: nurses are overworked, stressed, and increasingly
difficult for hospitals to hire.
---Investing & Economics---
An eCompany Now article suggests that if you're a cynic, you
might be a natural-born short-seller -- and gives tips on
how to profit doing just that.
Fast Company interviews latter-day economic Nostradamus
Roger Cass, who steadfastly believes we're seven years into
a 27-year boom.

While Americans are on average two inches taller than they
were 140 years ago, height now seems to have hit a genetic
ceiling, reports Scientific American.
An Industry Standard article shows how supercomputer-makers
are evolving their machines to meet the massive and
specialized demands of biological research.
Wired lays out a bright idea for the future of electricity
-- a system where every node on the grid is responsive,
price-conscious, and environmentally sensitive.
---Social Issues---
A Salon writer argues that our attempts to shield kids from
images of sex and violence are stunting young lives.
The Weekly Standard reports on the two anti-cloning bills
contending for passage in the U.S. Congress.

Salon reviews Mark Kram's 'Ghosts of Manila,' a new book
that endeavors to overturn Muhammad Ali's saintly image.
 Buy this book:
Science News reports that engineers are beginning to
understand the physics of baseball better.
Time Europe chronicles blind mountaineer Erik Weihenmayer's
conquest of Everest.

---U.S. Politics & Society---
Salon interviews Sen. John McCain about rumors he may leave
the GOP to run for president.
U.S. News reports that corporal punishment is still allowed
in 23 states, with 400,000 students paddled each year.  Is
it working?
Are today's mega-suburbs the future of American living that
we want?  A Fast Company piece explores the issues.
---The Way Stuff Looks---
Metropolis observes that as realistic fruity colors are
making inroads into industrial design (think iMac), food
itself is getting unfoodlike colors (think green Heinz

---World Politics & Society---
A Time Europe commentator thinks that Britain's recent
apathetic election revealed something sinister about the
Reacting to the extremely popular Miss Korea pageant,
activists in South Korea are unleashing a wild Anti-Miss
Korea event to raise the profile of feminist issues there.
A massive market for African art and antiquities has fueled
a disturbing amount of looting and illicit trade, reports
Time Europe.
Time Europe reports on an increase in "economic kidnappings"
that has led to a booming demand in London for ransom