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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2001-05-09

We hope you'll enjoy this week's pick of magazine articles
from the best that the free web has to offer.
---U.S. Politics & Society---
An American Prospect article suggests that Congress should
keep the "death tax" and instead abolish the "pre-death tax"
by providing for universal nursing-home coverage.
A Salon article argues that the Bush administration's claims
that the U.S. is in the middle of
a power emergency are blatantly false.
---International Politics---
Time Europe tells how an unlikely American spy infiltrated
one of Northern Ireland's deadliest terrorist organizations,
the Real IRA.
Salon writes that the ouster of the U.S. from the U.N. Human
Rights Commission is just a symptom of the world's simmering
grievances against the U.S. that began long before Bush's
A FEER article reiterates the fact that, despite a spy plane
collision and espionage charges, commerce is king in the
relationship between China and the U.S.

FEER documents the plight of Asian high-tech workers hired
in good times by American firms and now facing joblessness
and uncertain legal status in the slowdown.
Red Herring reports that new technologies are making
accessible many more sunken ships than ever before and
attracting treasure-hunting salvage companies.
Time Europe profiles an optimistic, promising generation of
European serial entrepreneurs and their visions of the
Industry Standard looks at the cutthroat competition in the
Web ratings field, with leader Media Metrix battling against
Nielsen NetRatings and new comer ComScore.
As PC World reports, Internet merchants soon may be forced
to start charging all customers a standard sales tax.
Industry Standard reviews the documentary, and
finds there is still a lesson to be learned from the
familiar tale of the failed dot-com.

---Business Technology---
Industry Standard reports on a new self-checkout system
being tested in grocery stores.
U.S. News reports on new anti-shoplifting technology that is
being incorporated into products during their manufacture.
A Red Herring article argues that investors have a right to
know more about how companies grant and manipulate the stock
options of their employees -- especially top executives.
---The Internet---
Salon previews the Webby awards and explains how this year's
nominees are proof of both the shakeout and the vibrancy
that still lives on the Net.

Salon reviews new books on how drugs like alcohol and
tobacco shaped the world, but caffeine came to dominate it.
Entertainment Today reviews a number of compelling new
sports-themed books.
A Time article provides an overview of the controversy over
a black version of Gone With the Wind -- now legally barred
from publication.
A New Republic author answers the question "What is the use
of literature?"
A Science News article reports on new sightings of a rare
and prehistoric fish, the coelacanth.
Time Europe reports on an ambitious project to catalog and
provide over the web a complete multimedia repository of all
plant and animal species above microbial level.

---Computers & Networking---
Mobile Computing looks at the Bluetooth standard for
wireless connectivity and available products.
Mobile Computing comparison-tests 11 of the fastest notebook
In an Education Week article, an economist and high school
principal contends that educational achievement and national
economic prosperity are not so closely linked as many
Even with all the technological advances being touted, Red
Herring reports that progress is slow and the future of
telematics equipment in cars is quite uncertain.
Time profiles Ford Motor chairman and heir Bill Ford and the
green revolution he's trying to push.
A Car & Driver article explores the many and diverse
varieties of car air fresheners.

---Hay Fever---
Men's Fitness has a feature on how to combat springtime
allergies.  We at read it eagerly.