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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2001-04-25

We enjoyed reading these articles -- we hope you will, too.
New Scientist presents a new theory about what factors determine
human intelligence.
An Atlantic Monthly article profiles an idiot savant in 
Minnesota whose gambling mind may be the greatest in the world.
---Radio Journalism---
Is it the best radio show there ever was, or is it more?  An 
Atlantic Monthly article affectionately considers NPR's "All 
Things Considered" on its 30th birthday.

---U.S. Society & Politics---
An article in First Things outlines the underlying ideologies at
odds with each other when it comes to American foreign policy.
Salon delves into Oregon's secretive and closely-guarded world 
of cockfighting and game breeding.
A Time author travels to the American South to find out why 
Southerners won't let go of Confederate symbols.
A government commission is urging non-Indian schools to stop 
using Native American names and mascots for their sports teams, 
reports Education Week.
A Weekly Standard writer visits U.S. Army bases to witness the 
changes to a branch of the service that, plagued by low 
recruitment numbers, has "gone soft".

---World Politics & Society---
Atlantic Monthly reports that Hong Kong and Macau have weathered
their return to Chinese provenance with their appeal for 
visitors intact.
FEER examines Taiwan's sticky situation:  the island is caught 
between two bristling superpowers, China and the U.S.
Time reports on an alliance between the Arab terrorist 
organizations Hamas and Hizballah.
---Social Issues---
Time reports that the Netherlands will become the first country 
formally to legalize euthanasia.
A New Republic article argues for the wide dissemination of the 
McVeigh execution on the grounds that our society must have the 
stomach to witness what it endorses.
Salon covers the Free Trade Area of the Americas meeting in 
Quebec and the protests that met it.

In Korea, the entertainment industry has begun financing its 
films and shows by getting fans to invest in what they like.  
FEER reports on the strategy's success.
A Business 2.0 article points out that online news services tend
not to filter PR very much, often commingling hard news with 
press releases.  That's good news for marketers, but bad for 
Industry Standard analyzes Yahoo's choice of a former Hollywood 
executive to be its new CEO.
eCFO examines the state of electronic marketplaces in four major
industries:  metal, chemicals, paper, and energy.
A Time article asserts that the stock market has bottomed and 
that it's time, cautiously, to buy.

An Asiaweek article describes how Singapore surgeons performed a
97-hour operation to separate twins conjoined at the head and 
Time Europe reports on the advancing field of archaeogenetics, 
which looks at genetic variations to explain human movements and
lineage throughout prehistory.
Smart Computing compares a passel of word processing programs.
A Smart Computing article shows how to use your computer's 
Internet connection to make free or low-cost long distance phone
Eye provides an overview of the drug movie genre.

Lingua Franca reviews "Northern Passage" by John Hagan, a new 
book chronicling the effects American Vietnam War resisters had 
on their adopted country, Canada.
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