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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2000-11-01

If you enjoy reading this weekly selection of the most
interesting magazine articles on the Web, please forward it
along to your friends.
---U.S. Society, Politics & Culture---
Business 2.0 features an article on dot-com lobbyists in
Washington D.C.
A Salon article reports that the realm of Christian
merchandise is fraught with intellectual property
A hacker breaks into Microsoft's internal network, reports a
U.S. News article.
TIME looks at the US's hunt for the Cole bombers.
A New Republic article reports that the push for government
reparations for the descendants of slaves is gaining
congressional support.

---U.S. Business---
TIME reports on the recent announcement that AT&T will split
into three companies.
An Industry Standard report details how to protect your
company from unscrupulous recruiters.
Forbes reports on the risque line of cards that
squeaky-clean Hallmark is launching to shore up its bottom
A Forbes article tells of the tension between the old guard
and the new in the realm of venture capital.
Industry Standard reports on a few business-to-consumer
e-commerce sites that are actually turning a profit.

---World Politics & Business---
TIME Europe reports on the coup in Ivory Coast that ousted
an illegitimate leader.
Far Eastern Economic Review reports on the entrepreneurial
success of new coffee businesses in Vietnam.
TIME reports that Israel is considering "economic
separation" for the Palestinians, and shows what that would
A Far Eastern Economic Review article examines whether
outside influences will harm the potential for peace on the
Korean Peninsula.
TIME Europe reports on a note that shows that the crew of
the Kursk didn't die instantly.

A New Scientist article reports on the bizarre properties of
plasmas and their potential applications in aerospace.
A Science News article reports on the newly observed social
complexity and intelligence among dolphins, whales, and
other cetaceans.
Industry Standard presents a look at the field of
econometrics and the contributions of this year's Nobel
laureates in layman's terms.
---Computing Technology---
Popular Mechanics reviews the latest and greatest CD burner,
which can write a CD in under 5 minutes.
A CIO article reports on the changes virtual reality had to
go through to become a feasible technology.
U.S. News reports on the phenomenon of increased cheating by
Chinese students trying to get into U.S. universities.

A Reason article reviews a groundbreaking new book on the
little-studied condition of Male Body Obsession.
Business 2.0 reports on a few Internet sites that help you
choose a health care provider.