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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2000-10-26

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An article in Lingua Franca reports on the new controversy
over the long-unquestioned legal validity of
fingerprint-matching evidence.
New Scientist features an interview with a prominent
biotechnologist about the future of genetically modified
---Society & World Politics---
A Weekly Standard article chronicles the largely unreported
rash of anti-Semitic violence in France in the past few
An Education Week article examines the "coexistence
education" programs taking place for some Arab and Israeli
children in Israel.

---U.S. Politics---
A Salon article implores the press to stop focusing on
"undecided" voters -- and start trying to get informed
people with opinions energized to vote.
A New Republic article complains about the anti-intellectual
strategy conservatives are using to label Gore not "manly"
enough to be president.
---Computers & Technology---
Photography magazine Wildlight has an explanation of the
different types of high-end scanners and scanning technology
An Asiaweek reporter tours a working prototype of a
next-generation ultra-wired apartment in Singapore.
Forbes reports on the efforts to engineer an all-optical
network switch to speed data transmission over fiber-optic
Remember when the Internet was supposed to make physical
location irrelevant?  As an Industry Standard article shows,
almost no one still believes it.

According to an Education Week article, studies reporting
voucher success are inconsistent and have been reported in
misleading ways by voucher proponents.
In American Prospect, Robert Reich outlines a plan to get
more money to the poorer kids and poorer schools that need
it most.
A Forbes article shows how the textbook selection process in
the United States leads to selections with nice packaging
but poor content.
---Stocks & Financial Planning---
When planning for retirement, how much money should you put
into stocks?  Forbes outlines some considerations.
Individual Investor profiles a new contest that rewards
successful stock-pickers with the chance to manage a real
mutual fund.
Forbes reports on state-sponsored college tuition savings
plans, or "529 plans."

Far Eastern Economic Review reports on the furious scramble
as air freight companies vie for the Asian market.
TIME looks at the phenomenon of open-concept workspaces, the
problems they cause, and the industry that has sprouted up
to solve those problems.
An Industry Standard article examines the cutthroat
deal-making team and tactics behind AOL's portal business.
---Health, Illness, & Elective Surgery---
As TIME reports, girls seem to be going through puberty
earlier and earlier, a phenomenon that is baffling
An article in Technology Review uses the example of the
cell-phone-brain-tumor scare to show how science always
loses out to fear.
A TIME article looks at the recent outbreak of the Ebola
virus in Uganda.
An FDA Consumer article advises those who might be inclined
to opt for liposuction to be well versed in both the
procedure and its potential complications.