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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2000-10-18

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---Business & Finance---
Fortune Magazine profiles the very different strategies of
drug titans Merck and Pfizer.
Business 2.0 provides a detailed look at the successful and
controversial strategy of Knight Trading, a market-maker
that makes its own trades based on knowledge gleaned from
the orders it executes for brokerages.
A Fast Company article forecasts the future of credit, from
smart cards to internet technologies to deliver better
service to consumers.
The Industry Standard examines the morale inside Microsoft
and the biggest players in the company's new strategy.
Business 2.0 reports that cosmetic surgery for men is
becoming more popular for tech professionals who feel that
looking young gives them an advantage.

---Science & Technology---
Science News reports on one theorist's quest to divide the
electron, and, in doing so, shock quantum physicists.
Sunworld has an article on what new telephony protocols mean
for the future of communication.
Auto Industries Magazine reviews the new hybrid gas/electric
Toyota Prius and its 50 m.p.g. fuel economy.
An Atlantic Monthly article looks at how the breakthrough
hybrid auto technology came out of the industry's failure to
make a useable electric car.

---Computers & Gadgets---
Smart Computing features a "Year in Review 2000," which
covers the biggest events in computing news this past year.
A portable MP3 player with the storage capacity of 100 CDs:
PC World reviews Creative's new 6GB Nomad Jukebox.
A Business 2.0 article contends Linux's greatest strength
may be its ability to adapt to diverse platforms - even
Smart Computing reviews Microsoft's newest Windows operating
system for home users, Windows Millennium Edition.

---Society, Culture, & Politics---
TIME Europe features an in-depth story on the descent of the
Holy Land from near-peace into brutal violence.
A Salon correspondent talks with Palestinian mothers about
the conflict in the Middle East.
Asiaweek reports on the political implications of the search
for the reincarnations of important Tibetan lamas.
A Fast Company article deals with the importance of
powerful, poetic speech to those who would be leaders in
politics or business.
Far Eastern Economic Review reports on the measures
Singapore is taking to combat a falling birth rate.

Mother Jones reports on an EPA ban of a widely-used
pesticide that hasn't been enforced, endangering children.
Atlantic Monthly reports that infant product recalls are
only the tip of the iceberg, and that federal agencies are
powerless to prevent the sale of dangerous infant products
to parents.
---Sports & Recreation---
A Wired article looks at the latest boots, bindings, and
other high-tech gear for the skiing season.
Sports Illustrated reports on one of the worst jobs in
America: referee for the upcoming Tyson-Golota fight.