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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2000-09-27

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---U.S. Politics---
George W. Bush and Al Gore have finally agreed on dates and
formats for the presidential debates.  U.S. News covers the
debate plans and the candidates' strategies.
In somewhat amazing fashion, an Atlantic Monthly writer gets
two Congressmen--one liberal, one conservative--to agree on
the bones of a plan for universal health insurance.
And what about the matchup we haven't been hearing about? 
TIME offers voters a guide for Decision 2000: Ralph or Pat?
As the oil crisis worsens in Great Britain, Prime Minister
Tony Blair faces his toughest challenge yet, The New
Republic reports.
---Very Wealthy People---
Financial voyeurism reaches its annual pinnacle as Forbes
profiles the 400 richest Americans.  This article discusses
the five most affluent, worth $211 billion altogether (when
the issue went to press).
And how does it feel to be phenomenally rich?  Forbes runs
an essay by Dinesh D'Souza on the moral weight of newfound
prosperity on the newly prosperous.
Although the re-release of 1973 horror classic The Exorcist
is probably unrelated, the rite of exorcism is enjoying a
renaissance in the Roman Catholic Church, according to TIME.

New Scientist reports on new dinosaur digs in the southern
hemisphere that are turning up species remarkably different
from today's dinosaur icons.
  similar: interviews the author of a new book about the
fascinating world of parasites.
A article profiles a pioneering medical clinic,
staffed by volunteering retired doctors, that provides good
health care for the uninsured
---Business & Finance---
What happens to startups that have to pull their IPOs? 
According to The Industry Standard, bad things.
Individual Investor, in anticipation of more fixed-income
action on the internet, has a primer for investing in bonds.
  similar: reviews a new book which claims financial
journalists are more powerful and morally bereft than
Washington's political pundits.
A Premiere article wonders when box-office success for
African-Americans will lead to better funding for black
directors and equal pay for black actors.
This Auto Industries article reports on the new crop of
technological innovations in model year 2001 vehicles.

Does giving kids laptops in school actually help them
learn?  A study in Education Week tries to find out.
According to CIO WebBusiness, more and more colleges are
switching to an online application process.
A article wonders why, despite the obvious fact
that blacks dominate certain sports and whites dominate
others, we can't talk openly about the genetics of athletic
---Computers & Technology---
Maximum PC throws price constraints to the wind to build the
ultimate desktop hot rod.
According to The Industry Standard, a parts shortage may
make hot gadgets like mobile phones and digital cameras
scarce this holiday season.
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