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October 2004
Sara Rimensnyder
Surf's Up Riding Giants, a new documentary starts with a cheeky crash course on the history of surfing, then homes in on three major stories: the rise of modern surfing in 1950s Hawaii; the surfing world's 1992 discovery of the big waves at Maverick's; and finally, the landscape of tow-in surfing. mark for My Articles 64 similar articles
September 2004
Melissa Wagenberg
Carbondale, Colorado (Population 5,500) Carbondale is a classic Rockies town and is also home to new-school cool. mark for My Articles 71 similar articles
September 2004
Eric Hansen
Om Wrecker Think yoga is for wimps? You haven't reckoned with Peter "Iron Yogi" Seamans, the star bodybuilder who wants to get you ripped. mark for My Articles 69 similar articles
Fast Company
September 2004
Cheryl Dahle
On Thin Ice After a history-making, 94-day trek across Antarctica, Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen faced the toughest challenge of their journey: finding the courage to surrender. mark for My Articles 37 similar articles
Fast Company
September 2004
Ryan Underwood
A Day in the Life of Work: No Brakes For wheelchair racer Cheri Blauwet, every day is an exercise in self-sufficiency, every race a test of faith. mark for My Articles 2 similar articles
September 2004
Tom McNichol
Kingpin Rob Glaser and his geek pals from Microsoft wanted to pull pro bowling out of the gutter. So they bought the whole damn league. mark for My Articles 13 similar articles
Sports Central
August 27, 2004
Eric Poole
An Immodest Proposal It seems we can't get through an Olympics without having some sort of controversy over judging. That's because gymnastics are fundamentally flawed. mark for My Articles 128 similar articles
Steve Richer
How To: Get A Private Pilot's License We are at a point now where human flight is open to just about everyone, even the likes of flyboys Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Accordingly, it's become painless for someone to get their private pilot's license. mark for My Articles 390 similar articles
August 2004
Daniel Duane
The Lip Comes Down Wipe out trying to bodysurf the Newport Wedge and you'll burst an eardrum, yank out a shoulder, or snap a few ribs. mark for My Articles 18 similar articles
August 2004
Johnathan Waldman
Performance Swimwear More is less--less drag, less turbulence, and less time to the finish line. At this summer's Athens Games, 75 percent of all swimmers will get hydro-dynamic in full-body and cutoff suits. mark for My Articles 15 similar articles
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