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Magazine articles on sports in general, the olympics, and recreation.
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September 19, 2013
Simon Kuper
The Real Effect Of Major Sporting Events On Host Cities Since the 1990s many academic economists have researched the effects of hosting these tournaments, and they pretty much agree: Hosting doesn't make you rich. mark for My Articles 160 similar articles
August 21, 2013
Leonard Klie
CRM Comes of Age in the Age of Moneyball CRM Evolution panelists uncover the need to use CRM for more than just selling tickets. mark for My Articles 642 similar articles
Sports Central
August 16, 2013
Jeffrey Boswell
Yankee Candle + NCAA = Heaven Scent Athletics at Duke is all about Mike Krzyzewski, so why wouldn't the candle scent? Therefore, it's "Eau K." It smells like napalm in the morning, and also serves as a repellant, warding off anyone or anything not associated with Duke. mark for My Articles
Sports Central
July 26, 2013
Jeffrey Boswell
Foul Territory: Piss "Pour" Performances Since charges were dropped against Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison for barking at a police dog and resisting arrest, the author comments, "Woof Blitzer, He Was Collared, and Was on a Short Leash, or Gator A-bate." mark for My Articles
Sports Central
July 5, 2013
Jeffrey Boswell
Foul Territory: All-American Rejects Sports news snippets and snarky comments about Alex Rodriguez, Joe Lefeged, and Scott Boras that will offer chuckles mark for My Articles
Fast Company
Jul/Aug 2013
Joe DeLessio
Breaking Down The Cost Of Watching Live Sports On Cable In a DVR world, sports is about the only stuff regularly watched live -- which allows sports networks to demand increasingly higher fees from cable providers. mark for My Articles 615 similar articles
Sports Central
June 14, 2013
Kevin Beane
Lay Off the NCAA Dom Cosentino has a piece up on Deadspin that gives us the rundown on another piece, a Sports Illustrated expose on the bureaucratic shambles of the NCAA and how they are no longer able to enforce compliance on the athletic programs they govern. mark for My Articles 36 similar articles
Sports Central
May 17, 2013
Jeffrey Boswell
Foul Territory: Chokes and Chickens The funny side of football, hockey, basketball and comments on Tiger Woods' 'swinging.' mark for My Articles
Sports Central
April 27, 2013
Jeffrey Boswell
Foul Territory: Arresting Developments Is There a Draft in Here? -- The Kansas City Chiefs selected Central Michigan offensive lineman Eric Fisher with the first pick in Thursday's NFL draft. It's the most glad-handing Roger Goodell's done since the owner's meetings. mark for My Articles
Sports Central
April 13, 2013
Jeffrey Boswell
Foul Territory: Big Mouths and Big Shots The author pokes fun at all kinds of sports news including the observation that Connecticut routed Louisville 93-60 to win the NCAA women's basketball championship. On-lookers noted that only one team played like girls. mark for My Articles
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