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Magazine articles on basketball.
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Sports Central
February 15, 2012
Paul Foeller
Shock(er) Value Around this time every year, I write an article about sleeper teams that could surprise some people come March Madness. mark for My Articles 181 similar articles
Sports Central
February 13, 2012
Louie Centanni
All-Class NBA All-Stars There are still players who make watching the NBA worthwhile. mark for My Articles 780 similar articles
Anthony Cave
Jeremy Lin Sayings Point guard Jeremy Lin has taken the basketball world by storm. "Linsanity" is in full effect after his 38-point outburst against Kobe's Lakers. mark for My Articles
Sports Central
February 8, 2012
Andrew Jones
Why Murray State Deserves a No. 1 Seed Murray State is 23-0. They have beaten one ranked team (Memphis) and only face one more before the end of the season (Saint Mary's). They currently hold a No. 7 ranking in the USA Today Poll and a No. 9 ranking in the AP poll. mark for My Articles 373 similar articles
Sports Central
February 7, 2012
Jonathan Lowe
The Best Out West? I know that we're only a third of the way through, but a lot has been packed into the first month of this shortened NBA season. mark for My Articles 516 similar articles
Sports Central
February 3, 2012
Bill Hazell
Another Case of the Starburys? While the Knicks remain potentially the same mess they have been for many years now, there appear to be short, simple ways to fix them. mark for My Articles 160 similar articles
Sports Central
January 23, 2012
Ross Lancaster
Superman Needed? Kobe Bryant has been beyond amazing this year, but he shouldn't be expected to play 40 minutes or more every night. If the Lakers want to improve their team, they should be patient and not sacrifice a potentially bright long-term future. mark for My Articles 407 similar articles
Sports Central
January 19, 2012
Bob Ekstrom
Clippers' Time Still Not at Hand Last Saturday night, the Clippers beat the Lakers in the first regular season meeting of these Los Angeles neighbors since the Clippers hit the talent buffet with both hands this offseason, and the basketball world is giddy. mark for My Articles 399 similar articles
Sports Central
January 14, 2012
Joshua Duffy
Teams Revealing Who They Really Are In college basketball, records can be quite deceiving. Not only is there a much wider disparity in who those records are built against (strength of schedule), but "talent" seems to be far less consistent in college hoops. mark for My Articles 377 similar articles
Sports Central
January 12, 2012
Bill Hazell
Can Lob City Overtake Showtime? Sometimes it's easy to forget that the Staples Center is the home to two NBA franchises. mark for My Articles 515 similar articles
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