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Magazine articles on auto racing.
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Sports Illustrated
August 6, 2002
Mark Bechtel
Old Man Winner Down and nearly out in 2000, Bill Elliott, 46, is the Brickyard champ and a title threat. mark for My Articles 43 similar articles
August 1, 2002
Malcolm Wheatley
Putting the IT in Pit Crew Technological progress at this level of racing is marked by the accumulated result of hundreds of tiny incremental performance increases. As the search for those improvements intensifies, race teams are increasingly turning to IT. mark for My Articles 126 similar articles
Sports Illustrated
July 9, 2002
Mark Bechtel
Here He Comes Despite a winless first half, Jeff Gordon's drive for Winston Cup number five is very much alive. mark for My Articles 156 similar articles
June 1, 2002
Andrew Raskin
Dossier: Secrets From the Fast Lane Everyone talks about doing business at breakneck speed. Few mean it quite so literally as Eddie Cheever Jr., the only Indy Racing League driver who owns a majority stake in his own team and manages its business side... mark for My Articles 122 similar articles
May 27, 2002
King Kaufman
Start me up At the Indy 500, the thrills come at the beginning, the end -- and whenever the green flag comes back out... mark for My Articles 146 similar articles
Sports Illustrated
May 21, 2002
Mark Bechtel
Scorecard The Indy 500, along with all of open-wheel racing, has been skidding for years. Here's how it can get back on track... mark for My Articles 259 similar articles
April 27, 2002
Cintra Wilson
The Gumball 3000 rally: Yet another reason to hate the rich Depraved rock stars and party-hearty Playmates in overpowered Toadmobiles are our betters, and as they careen across America we must bow before their power... mark for My Articles 1 similar article
April 24, 2002
Janina Frostell gets into top gear as Panos Emporio invests into motorsports Ever since Robbie Williams' 'Love Supreme', motorsports have become fashionable. So fashionable, in fact, that Panos and its signature model, Finland's Janina Frostell, have jumped on the racing bandwagon... mark for My Articles 7 similar articles
Sports Illustrated
April 23, 2002
Mark Bechtel
Heavy Hearts Owner Jack Roush's plane crash sent a shock through his resurgent racing team... mark for My Articles 140 similar articles
Sports Illustrated
October 2, 2001
Mark Bechtel
Closing the Gap? Formula One champ Michael Schumacher sizes up his biggest threat next season... mark for My Articles 50 similar articles
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