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Magazine articles of special interest to women.
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April 2008
The 40s Plan Two exercises to help women beat the health challenges of facing 40. mark for My Articles 169 similar articles
April 2008
The 30s Plan Lacking exercise, women in their 30s will experience not only weight gain, but the gradual loss of bone density, strength, and flexibility. These two exercise routines will help combat this. mark for My Articles 195 similar articles
April 2008
The 50s Plan Two exercises to fight off the signs of menopause and aging. mark for My Articles 286 similar articles
April 10, 2008
Carey Roberts
The Sad Spectacle of Dee Dee Myers Myers' book provokes sadness, not outrage. In its over-wrought quest to promote female empowerment, her work becomes a parody of the very movement she has chosen to embrace. mark for My Articles 9 similar articles
March 29, 2008
Terri Lynn Tersak
Congressional Guidelines for Abusing Women This report examines the many problems the author finds inherent in local and national services and legal protections that are designed to help victims of domestic abuse. mark for My Articles 311 similar articles
April 2008
Aliza Pilar Sherman
Public Opinion Women have a positive effect on a firm's short-term performance, three-year stock price growth and growth in earnings per share. mark for My Articles 16 similar articles
March 2008
Dorothy Fotz-Gray
The Perfect Pregnancy Weight No more eating for two in the new guidelines for a healthy baby. mark for My Articles 21 similar articles
April 1, 2008
Jill Jusko
Engineered for Girls Web site encourages females to join engineering programs. mark for My Articles 229 similar articles
April 2008
Roshini Rajapaksa
Most Embarrassing Questions Straight talk for women about hair loss, urinary trouble, and yoga during your period. mark for My Articles 108 similar articles
Psychology Today
Jan/Feb 2008
Hara Estroff Marano
Skinny Sweepstakes In the push for achievement, the perfect body is now part of the perfect resume. Deprived of an internal compass, girls compete to be "hottest," turning colleges into incubators of eating disorders. mark for My Articles 111 similar articles
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