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Magazine articles of special interest to seniors.
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June 21, 2004
Catherine Arnst
Guard Your Bones Osteoporosis is one of the biggest health risks facing older women. What can be done to help prevent this disease? mark for My Articles 285 similar articles
Job Journal
May 30, 2004
James Challenger
Career Pros: A Productive Shift for Early Risers There may be a new way to ratchet up productivity even higher than recent history has shown. Employers may find it valuable to add a new shift to take advantage of the propensity for early rising among older workers. mark for My Articles 290 similar articles
June 1, 2004
David M. Katz
Prescription Change The new medicare drug benefit feels good, but it doesn't really solve underlying issues. The legislation not only muddies the already murky waters of retiree-benefits accounting even further, it also fails to address the looming problem of underfunded retiree health plans. mark for My Articles 343 similar articles
Registered Rep.
May 1, 2004
John Churchill
Helping Advisors Cope with Aging, (Their Clients) Reps now have another designation to pin to their names. The American College of Bryn Mawr, PA has unveiled its newest specializaion: Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL). mark for My Articles 691 similar articles
Registered Rep.
May 1, 2004
Tracy Byrnes
Planning for the Decline Many financial planners are making long-term-care insurance (LTCI) an integral part of their estate-planning discussions. mark for My Articles 80 similar articles
May 31, 2004
Mark Hyman
Think You Could Do Fingertip Pushups At 89? Granddaddy of fitness Jack LaLanne is flexing for a whole new audience. mark for My Articles 6 similar articles
American Family Physician
May 15, 2004
Birrer & Vemuri
Depression in Later Life: A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenge Depression in elderly persons is widespread, often undiagnosed, and usually untreated. Because there is no reliable diagnostic test, a careful clinical evaluation is essential. mark for My Articles 424 similar articles
Julian Marcus
Things Elders Can Teach You Older folks can be great mentors if we let them be. Having committed a lifetime of mistakes, their wisdom can spare us many years of it. Your dad, grandpa, uncle, even the kind old man on the bus would be glad to disclose some of his hard-earned lessons. mark for My Articles 11 similar articles
PC Magazine
April 28, 2004
John C. Dvorak
Scams, Lies, Deceit, and Offshoring It seems that our fastest-growing business segment is the creation of more and more jobs that Americans don't want, preying especially on the older workforce segment. mark for My Articles 222 similar articles
Job Journal
April 25, 2004
Michael Kinsman
Career Pros: No Rush to Retire Why major corporations are working hard to recruit older workers. mark for My Articles 1253 similar articles
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