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Magazine articles on politics and society in the Middle East.
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IEEE Spectrum
February 2006
Glenn Zorpette
Re-engineering Iraq U.S. and Iraqi officials have spent billions on restoring Iraq's electrical system. So why is Baghdad getting just six hours of electricity a day? mark for My Articles 399 similar articles
February 2006
Michael Young
Persian Letters Three personal accounts of modern Iran: Lipstick Jihad: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America and American in Iran, by Azadeh Moaveni... Even After All This Time: A Story of Love, Revolution, and Leaving Iran, by Afschineh Latifi... etc. mark for My Articles 146 similar articles
February 2006
Tim Cavanaugh
Hold the Good News Can any American worthy of the name suggest that public-works boondoggles in Iraq are worth a red cent or a drop of American blood? mark for My Articles 40 similar articles
National Defense
January 2006
Stew Magnuson
Adaptive Foe Thwarts Counter-IED Efforts Coalition forces are engaged in an ongoing invisible combat in the radio and infrared spectra. Iraqi insurgents have progressed from simple trip wires to infrared devices to set off improvised explosive devices. mark for My Articles 317 similar articles
National Defense
January 2006
Sandra I. Erwin
Complex Realities Lie Behind U.S. Rush to Train Iraqi Army It has become crystal clear that fielding a competent Iraqi Army is a tenet of the U.S. exit strategy. What is far less apparent is what exactly constitutes a competent Iraqi fighting force, and how long it will be before it can relieve American troops. mark for My Articles 826 similar articles
National Defense
January 2006
Abshire & Czerwinski
With an Overstretched Military, U.S. Should Create `Home Guard' The U.S. presence in Iraq has in many ways made near-term gains in the war on terror more difficult and thrown America's homeland security into question. But a creative solution with roots reaching far back into American history may be the answer. mark for My Articles 535 similar articles
Winter 2005/2006
Christopher M. Schnaubelt
After the Fight: Interagency Operations The situation in Iraq may not be nearly as dire as some pundits and much of the media would have the American public believe, but there is certainly a long way to go. mark for My Articles 207 similar articles
November 2005
Naomi Lubick
Earthquakes Hit China and Iran Two earthquakes killed dozens of people over the weekend, in southern China and a continent away in southern Iran. mark for My Articles 82 similar articles
December 2005
Andrew Cockburn
Iraq's Resilient Minority Shaped by persecution, tribal strife and an unforgiving landscape, Iraq's Kurds have put their dream of independence on hold -- for now. mark for My Articles 156 similar articles
November 28, 2005
Neal Sandler
Israel: Poverty Could Be Election Capital New Labor Party leader Amir Peretz still faces an uphill battle to win the next election. But his ties with the country's lower-income groups have the Likud worried. With Sharon under siege in a divided party, a belated war on poverty could be too little, too late. mark for My Articles 50 similar articles
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