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Magazine articles on politics and society in the Middle East.
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January 4, 2001
Flore de Preneuf & Daryl Lindsey
"I hope he will be better than his father" Israelis worry, and Palestinians hope, that a new Bush administration will be tougher on them than Clinton was... mark for My Articles 822 similar articles
January 4, 2001
Aaron Tapper
One murder, two stories In Israeli and Palestinian newspapers, it's a case of battling histories... mark for My Articles 471 similar articles
December 12, 2000
David Tuller
Barak's surprise move In stepping down, Israel's prime minister is trying to make an end run around his strongest political rival... mark for My Articles 579 similar articles
November 30, 2000
Flore de Preneuf
Barak's fate depends on peace By calling for early elections, the embattled Israeli prime minister buys a little time, but also places his fate in the hands of Yasser Arafat... mark for My Articles 455 similar articles
November 27, 2000
Flore de Preneuf
Middle East meets Wild West With the crisis simmering and the death toll mounting in Israel, vigilante movements are brewing among Israelis and Palestinians alike... mark for My Articles 795 similar articles
November 13, 2000
Flore de Preneuf
Florida voters in Israel look on in amazement As their absentee ballots float through the airmail ether, American Jews abroad are thrilled at how significant their votes might be... mark for My Articles 522 similar articles
November 3, 2000
Flore de Preneuf
Israel's apartheid Fed up with restrictions and discrimination, last month Israeli Arabs joined their Palestinian brethren in the battle against Israeli Jews... mark for My Articles 628 similar articles
October 25, 2000
Flore de Preneuf
Living under siege Meet the residents of two Middle East cities -- one Palestinian, the other Israeli. Both share the same concerns about violence and security -- from opposite sides of the conflict... mark for My Articles 661 similar articles
October 23, 2000
Flore de Preneuf
Peace? Please hold As the bloodbath rages in the Middle East, Ehud Barak calls for a "timeout" in the peace process... mark for My Articles 709 similar articles
October 18, 2000
Flore de Preneuf
It's just something on paper Palestinians and Israelis alike question the outcome of Clinton's Middle East peace summit... mark for My Articles 596 similar articles
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