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Magazine articles on politics and society in the Middle East.
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February 2, 2004
Trouble For Israel's Ariel Sharon? The indictment of a prominent Israeli businessman and Likud Party financial backer could have far-reaching consequences for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his government. mark for My Articles 82 similar articles
January 2004
Rob Buchanan
Up in the Air It seems like all God's creatures have lost their way in the Holy Land. But a few hopeful Israeli and Palestinian conservationists are tracing a new path along the flyways and wildlife corridors of the Jordan Valley -- and rediscovering an ancient road map that leads from terror to peace. mark for My Articles 175 similar articles
January 12, 2004
Stanley Reed
The Kurds' New Cause Rivals are uniting behind economic growth in the northern Iraqi region. mark for My Articles 264 similar articles
January 1, 2004
Sean Michael Kerner
OpenOffice Finds Sweet Spot with Governments Following a trend by foreign administrations, the Israeli government this week suspended its acquisitions of new computer software from Microsoft. Several government agencies have turned to as an alternative to Microsoft due to cost and proprietary file formats. mark for My Articles 34 similar articles
December 2003
Unnecessary devastation in Iran Residents in California have come to expect that their buildings will survive an earthquake. In that light, the extent of the damage in Iran is horrific. Increasingly, in less developed countries with skyrocketing urban centers, untrustworthy construction has led to high numbers of deaths. mark for My Articles 100 similar articles
December 29, 2003
Crock et al.
That's One Problem Solved Saddam's capture is a big break for the U.S. -- but the road to a stable Iraq remains long and treacherous. mark for My Articles 622 similar articles
December 29, 2003
Stanley Reed
Forging One Nation From Three Agendas What's the best way to bring Iraq's Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds together under a cohesive democracy? mark for My Articles 389 similar articles
December 15, 2003
Neal Sandler
A Tiny Seed To Make Mideast Peace Bloom? No one thinks the Geneva Accord, negotiated by former Israeli Justice Minister Yossi Beilin and former Palestinian Information Minister Yasser Abed Rabbo, will be adopted. But the accord and other nongovernmental efforts may just be enough to force Sharon and the Palestinians to reengage. mark for My Articles 350 similar articles
November 2003
Charles Paul Freund
Arabian Idol: Reality TV tames nationalism A different sort of conflict broke out this summer in the Middle East -- one involving reality TV. While it offers more evidence that the region is in the grip of a liberationist pop culture frenzy, it also demonstrates that even the region's pop fandom can fall prey to divisiveness. mark for My Articles 12 similar articles
November 24, 2003
Stanley Reed
It's Getting Hot In The House Of Saud Saudi Arabia is entering an era of great political ferment, which could put the House of Saud to a severe test. mark for My Articles 88 similar articles
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