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Magazine articles on politics and society in Russia.
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Chemistry World
April 23, 2012
Eugene Gerden
Russia mulls plan for overseas study scheme The Russian government is considering funding the study of domestic students at leading foreign universities - provided they return to Russia once they have graduated. mark for My Articles 455 similar articles
The Motley Fool
December 19, 2011
David Lee Smith
Russia, Iraq, and an Oil Price Jump Events of the weekend could be a start toward and oil price jump. mark for My Articles 380 similar articles
National Defense
December 2011
Anand Datla
Russian Navy Ponders Investments In Nuclear-Powered Surface Ships The Russian navy recently announced plans to build either a nuclear powered destroyer or cruiser -- depending on translation -- by 2016. mark for My Articles 406 similar articles
Chemistry World
November 7, 2011
Eugene Gerden
Russia Books Place at Science Top Table The Innovative Russia 2020 scheme should see science funding rise to at least 2.5 per cent of GDP. However, some critics think the scheme is overambitious and predict that implementation will run into bureacratic problems. mark for My Articles 384 similar articles
The Motley Fool
October 10, 2011
David Lee Smith
Can Big Oil Survive Russian Roulette? Will the energy world be turned helter-skelter by impending major changes in Russia? mark for My Articles 484 similar articles
Simon Kuper
Russian Soccer Times have changed since the days when players only worried about breaking a leg on the field. FIFpro plans to publish its complete "black book" of bad clubs in January. mark for My Articles 60 similar articles
May 19, 2011
Meyer & Arkhipov
Fathers, Sons, and Russian Power Games The sons of Putin's allies have started to assume important positions in Russia's corporate power structure. mark for My Articles 219 similar articles
IEEE Spectrum
April 2011
William Sweet
Chernobyl, 25 Years Later The challenges of that crisis are the same Fukushima presents mark for My Articles 68 similar articles
Fast Company
May 1, 2011
Boyd & Arndt
Padmasree Warrior on Cisco's Russia Connection Warrior, 50, traveled to Russia in 2010 on a State Department technology delegation that included eBay CEO John Donahoe and actor Ashton Kutcher. mark for My Articles 94 similar articles
April 7, 2011
Henry Meyer
Medvedev Shakes Up the Kremlin Russian President Medvedev may be starting a new push for shareholder rights by removing state officials from top corporate boards. mark for My Articles 286 similar articles
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