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Magazine articles on politics, society, and news relevant to the entire European region.
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IEEE Spectrum
March 2010
John Blau
Europe Plans a North Sea Grid Undersea cables will transport wind, hydro, and solar power mark for My Articles 151 similar articles
The Motley Fool
February 26, 2010
Jennifer Schonberger
Greece: A Ticking Time Bomb? The tide went out, and they were swimming naked. Greece's debt problems highlight the larger problem with the euro zone's monetary union. mark for My Articles 355 similar articles
February 17, 2010
Peter Coy
Germany's Merkel: She's Got the Whole Euro in Her Hands Angela Merkel, the EU's most powerful leader, has to save Europe from itself. mark for My Articles 545 similar articles
Chemistry World
February 17, 2010
Sarah Houlton
Europe's new research commissioner sworn in Career politician Maire Geoghegan-Quinn trained as a teacher, and will now be responsible for driving the EU's science agenda. mark for My Articles 90 similar articles
Chemistry World
February 16, 2010
Sean Milmo
New scheme to boost bio-based chemistry The European Commission has launched an initiative to help chemical companies switch to renewable feedstocks and energy sources. mark for My Articles 214 similar articles
January 29, 2010
Europe Poised for Online Privacy Push EU commissioner outlines plans to update Europe's privacy laws to keep pace with the digital age. mark for My Articles 359 similar articles
Chemistry World
January 12, 2010
Sarah Houlton
EU to look into chemical mixture exposure The Council of the EU has called on the European Commission to look at whether current legislation adequately assesses the risks from exposure to multiple chemicals from different sources. mark for My Articles 181 similar articles
The Motley Fool
December 16, 2009
Jordan DiPietro
The Microsoft Saga Comes to an End The EU ends its decade long litigation against the software giant. mark for My Articles 616 similar articles
Chemistry World
December 14, 2009
Ned Stafford
New approach for EU research called for Research experts have called for EU leaders to make 'radical improvements' in research policy following an assessment of the current state of European science. mark for My Articles 238 similar articles
Chemistry World
December 7, 2009
Leila Sattary
Cold reception for new EU chemical security drive New European Union counter-terrorist measures could duplicate existing security procedures and increase administrative burden on the chemical sector, say industry representatives. mark for My Articles 267 similar articles
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