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Magazine articles on politics and society in the Balkans.
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October 3, 2000
Laura Rozen
Bringing down the Butcher of Belgrade Serbian cops are standing back while strikers shut down Yugoslavia, but will Milosevic accept a bloodless defeat? mark for My Articles 145 similar articles
September 27, 2000
Laura Rozen
Election mud wrestling Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic claims no candidate received a majority in this week's elections, but opposition leaders who believe their candidate won are taking to the streets. mark for My Articles 131 similar articles
September 25, 2000
Laura Rozen
Moment of reckoning Early election returns in Yugoslavia show the opposition with a forceful lead, but will the indestructible Milosevic wriggle out of defeat? mark for My Articles 150 similar articles
Finance & Development
September 1, 2000
Rene Weber & Gunther Taube
Estonia Moves Toward EU Accession Estonia's rapid transition to a market economy and integration into the world economy have intensified its economic and political ties with Western Europe. It now faces the challenge of meeting the remaining requirements for EU membership and eventual participation in EMU. mark for My Articles 197 similar articles
September 6, 2000
Laura Rozen
Outlaws in an outlaw nation With Yugoslav election time approaching, Serbian activists face a new wave of repression as they try to fight the Milosevic regime from within. mark for My Articles 177 similar articles
September 6, 2000
Laura Rozen
Election offensive Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic has called presidential elections for later this month, but his actions show he intends to hold on to power. mark for My Articles 166 similar articles
July 24, 2000
Laura Rozen
They think I'm a spy! An American in Belgrade finds that real life isn't nearly as interesting as the one her Serbian neighbors imagine for her. mark for My Articles 119 similar articles
Finance & Development
March 1, 2000
Christopher Jarvis
The Rise and Fall of Albania's Pyramid Schemes During 1996-97, Albania was convulsed by the dramatic rise and collapse of several huge financial pyramid schemes. This article discusses the crisis and the steps other countries can take to prevent similar disasters. mark for My Articles 10 similar articles
Mother Jones
Jan/Feb 2000
Peter Klebnikov
Heroin Heroes The United States propped up the KLA in the Kosovo conflict. With Milosevic gone, and no one in control, the former freedom fighters are now transforming the province into a major conduit for global drug trafficking. mark for My Articles 34 similar articles
Mother Jones
October 1999
Mark Schapiro
Serbia's Lost Generation Thousands of Serbian draft evaders fled to Hungary rather than fight in Milosevic's dirty war. Now they find themselves in limbo-with no way out and no way home. mark for My Articles 169 similar articles
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