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Magazine articles on politics and society in North Korea.
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Popular Mechanics
February 2007
Simon Cooper
North Korea's Suspected Biochemical Weapons: Breakdown Compared to nukes, biological and chemical agents offer mass destruction "on the cheap," argues Michael Stebbins of the Federation of American Scientists. Below, a sampling of Kim Jong Il's toxic arsenal. mark for My Articles similar articles
Scientific American
December 18, 2006
Graham P. Collins
Kim's Big Fizzle The Physics Behind A Nuclear Dud: The North Koreans produced some kind of a nuclear damp squib. What could have gone wrong depends on the nuclear fuel used. mark for My Articles similar articles
IEEE Spectrum
October 2006
Q&A: Richard L. Garwin, Expert on Nuclear Weapons Richard L. Garwin talks about his views on the presumed North Korean nuclear test of 9 October. Four days later the U.S. government detected radiation, and on Monday 16 October it confirmed that a nuclear test had indeed occurred. mark for My Articles similar articles
Popular Mechanics
October 16, 2006
Simon Cooper
North Korea: The Bigger (Non-Nuclear) Threat The consensus is that North Korea has developed anthrax, plague and botulism toxin as weapons, and has extensively researched at least six other germs including smallpox and typhoid. mark for My Articles similar articles
March 20, 2006
Moon Ihlwan
Hands Across The DMZ North Korea is home to a huge, cheap, and underemployed workforce. South Korea needs a low-wage manufacturing base to compete with China. The result is outsourced work for South Korean capitalists. mark for My Articles similar articles
October 2005
Katie Donnelly
A Denuclearized Korean Peninsula South Korea is not alone in having a different perspective than the United States about North Korea. Even though the other countries involved in the Six Party Talks have vested interests in a denuclearized Korean peninsula, each sees the problem of North Korea in a different light with different solutions. mark for My Articles similar articles
Military & Aerospace Electronics
July 2005
John Rhea
New terrorist challenge: North Korea It's a challenge the United States can ill afford to ignore. North Korea's WMDs are not illusory. Moreover, its missiles make Saddam Hussein's look puny by comparison. mark for My Articles similar articles
July 25, 2005
Seoul Gives The North A Power Boost South Korea, in an effort to defuse the nuclear crisis with the north, has offered Pyongyang a vast supply of badly needed electricity. mark for My Articles similar articles
May 30, 2005
Stan Crock
Back To The Cold War? Rogue nations like Iran and North Korea are amassing a nuclear arsenal. What should Washington do? mark for My Articles similar articles
May 16, 2005
Moon Ihlwan
Why North Korea May Start Nuclear Testing North Korea's reclusive leader, Kim Jong Il, is back in the spotlight as he plays a dangerous survival game, threatening the world yet again with his nuclear arms program. mark for My Articles similar articles
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