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Magazine articles on politics and society in Afghanistan.
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October 2, 2001
Janelle Brown
The Taliban's bravest opponents An underground resistance of Afghan women risks torture and execution to alert the world to the regime's atrocities. One freedom fighter tells her story... mark for My Articles 396 similar articles
Sports Illustrated
October 2, 2001
Frank Deford
State of Turmoil Afghanistan has had an oddly central position in sports history... mark for My Articles 139 similar articles
September 27, 2001
Steve Kettmann
Creating "many, many Osamas" Novelist William Vollmann says if the U.S. convinces Afghans of bin Laden's guilt, they'll support the move against him. If not, only "genocide" will defeat them... mark for My Articles 556 similar articles
September 24, 2001
Douglas Cruickshank
Dispatches from Afghanistan Like Vietnam chronicler Michael Herr, Russian journalist Artyom Borovik captured the hallucinatory hell of war -- but these days it's Borovik's account of Afghanistan that seems the most relevant... mark for My Articles 8 similar articles
September 24, 2001
Janelle Brown
Terror's first victims When fanatics like the Taliban seize control of Islamic countries, women are the first to suffer... mark for My Articles 623 similar articles
September 22, 2001
Sean Kenny
Anger in the bazaars of Peshawar The Taliban has strong support in the tribal areas of northwest Pakistan. If there is civil war, it will start here... mark for My Articles 508 similar articles
September 22, 2001
Ken Silverstein
Blasts from the past The weaponry the Taliban could turn on us may be our own, the relics of a $7 billion Cold War campaign... mark for My Articles 591 similar articles
September 19, 2001
Laura Miller
The "enemy" we barely know A writer who has traveled extensively in Afghanistan talks about how little we understand its people, how dangerous it is to underestimate them and why they have cause to resent the U.S.... mark for My Articles 615 similar articles
April 2001
Charles Paul Freund
Artifact: Shear Anxiety Haircut cops in Kabul rounded up a few dozen of the city's barbers in January, charging them with turning men into Leonardo DiCaprio wannabes. That's a serious matter in Afghanistan, because its extremist religious rulers, the Taliban, regard most foreign haircuts as "anti-Islamic"... mark for My Articles 67 similar articles
March 22, 2001
Carina Chocano
Save the children, or the Buddhas get it Afghanistan's roving ambassador tries to explain why the Taliban destroyed the Buddhas of Bamiyan, which were considered the greatest remaining examples of third and fifth century Greco-Indian art in the world. mark for My Articles 181 similar articles
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