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Magazine articles on politics, society, and news relevant to the North and South America region.
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March 2007
Peter Maass
Slick On behalf of 30,000 inhabitants of Ecuador's remote Oriente region, one New York lawyer is suing Chevron for dumping 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into the region. An Ecuadorian judge instead of a jury will make the decision. mark for My Articles 44 similar articles
August 2006
Megan Sever
Ecuadorian Volcano Erupts, Kills 5 Tungurahua, one of Ecuador's "big three" volcanoes, once again ramped up its eruption, triggering emergency evacuations. At least five people were killed, many have been injured, and at least another 60 people are missing from villages that were destroyed by the eruption. mark for My Articles 75 similar articles
August 2006
Erica Ryberg
Waste Into Walls: Building Casas Out of Sand In Honduras, a green technology guru heads to the dump in search of the stuff of dreams. mark for My Articles 5 similar articles
Finance & Development
June 1, 2006
Anthony Elson
What Happened? Here's why East Asia surged ahead of Latin America and some lessons for economic policy. mark for My Articles 648 similar articles
Financial Advisor
May 2006
Karen DeMasters
Reaching Out A Connecticut financial planner brings help and hope to Latin America's poorest. mark for My Articles
IDB America
February 2006
A Brighter Outlook for Pensions? The new book, A Quarter Century of Pension Reform in Latin America and the Caribbean: Lessons Learned and Next Steps, analyzes triumphs and pitfalls of the pension reforms that swept Latin America, and offers lessons for the road ahead. mark for My Articles 376 similar articles
IDB America
February 2006
Charo Quesada
Support for Caribbean Art New cultural programs provide fresh outlets for the creative talent of artists in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. mark for My Articles 72 similar articles
IDB America
February 2006
Paul Constance
IDB America Announces Scholarship Competition Winners Stories about training for low-income entrepreneurs in Chile, a support program for women displaced by violence in Colombia, and a Peruvian village's efforts to combat alcoholism were selected as winners in IDBAmerica's second annual scholarship competition. mark for My Articles 10 similar articles
IDB America
January 2006
The Elusive Quest for Equality Growth indices in Latin America are on the rise, education and health are improving, exports are climbing, institutions are becoming more democratic -- but poverty and inequality indicators refuse to budge. mark for My Articles 170 similar articles
IDB America
January 2006
Roger Hamilton
New Amazonians Latin America is attempting to create a relationship between man and nature that includes the history, heritage and views of local people. mark for My Articles 75 similar articles
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