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Magazine articles on politics and society in Cuba.
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Chemistry World
August 18, 2015
Rebecca Trager
Cuban and US chemists hopeful amid warming relations Tensions between the US and Cuba have begun to thaw after 50 years. Scientists now have new opportunities to collaborate mark for My Articles similar articles
Chemistry World
January 8, 2015
Rebecca Trager
US--Cuba accord expected to be boon for science The new year has brought a new era in US -- Cuba relations that is ripe for scientific cooperation between the two countries, after President Obama announced an easing of restrictions on 17 December. mark for My Articles similar articles
Insurance & Technology
March 26, 2010
Anthony O'Donnell
Fidel Castro Applauds US Healthcare Reform Castro calls reform a "miracle" and a victory over "lobbyists and political mercenaries," in qualified praise of President Obama, whom he calls a "fanatical believer in the imperialist capitalist system." mark for My Articles similar articles
June 22, 2009
Clive Thompson
Clive Thompson on Cuba's Potential Tech Boom In sheer human potential, Cuba is an economic and technological miracle waiting to happen. mark for My Articles similar articles
May 2009
Katherine Mangu-Ward
Connecticut vs. Cuba The Cuban government took a surprising step forward regarding taxis, loosening the strict rules, even going so far as to let taxis set their own rates, while Connecticut taxi drivers aren't as lucky. mark for My Articles similar articles
Popular Mechanics
December 17, 2008
Joe Pappalardo
Russian Warships Visit Cuba In the last leg of a diplomatic mission throughout Latin America, a humble group of Russian warships visit Cuba for the first time since the end of the Cold War. mark for My Articles similar articles
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