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Magazine articles on politics and society in Cuba.
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May 2008
Brian Doherty
Artifact: Castro Shrugged The Bush administration's reluctance to change its ill-conceived embargo against Cuba, even post-Fidel, shows that Castro isn't alone in misunderstanding "the essence of this new world" or the role of relatively unrestricted international trade in spreading wealth and liberty. mark for My Articles similar articles
Home Theater
April 3, 2008
Mark Fleischmann
Semi-Liberated Cubans Buy Electronic Goods The new government in Cuba will allow the purchase of electronic goods such as TVs, DVDs and computers, but prices are aimed at the wealthy population. mark for My Articles similar articles
Jennifer Cox
12 Questions With Mayra Veronica Mayra Veronica is famous in her native Cuba for being a star on Spanish television. Her work in North America, however, is best-known for its uber-sexiness. mark for My Articles similar articles
January 2008
Ronald Bailey
Starvation Diet Castro's weight loss plan: The Cuban economic collapse occasioned by the withdrawal of massive Soviet subsidies between 1989 and 2000 helped the Cuban people slenderize. mark for My Articles similar articles
August 2007
Jorge & Diana Rodriguez
Book Excerpt: "On Cuban Wings" The rise and fall of Cuban aviation, as explored in "The Country Where Nobody Flies," is one of the most dramatic in the Americas. mark for My Articles similar articles
August 23, 2006
Tony Zizza
Rethinking Elian Gonzalez The real issue at hand was, and is this: Does Elian deserve a chance to live in freedom or do fathers' rights and immigration law as constructed in America, mean he must live in a totalitarian regime? mark for My Articles similar articles
August 14, 2006
Frederik Balfour
Cuba: Visit To An Island Frozen In Time One reporter finds scant evidence that Cuba is poised for change after Castro. mark for My Articles similar articles
September 2005
Matt Welch
Quien es Libre? The U.S. government tightens its Cuban embargo policy by restricting fringe religion-related travel there. mark for My Articles similar articles
December 2004
Douglas Starr
The Cuban Biotech Revolution Embargo or no, Castro's socialist paradise has quietly become a pharmaceutical powerhouse. (They're still working on the capitalism thing.) mark for My Articles similar articles
Fast Company
February 2004
Fiona Haley
Viva Recycling! Now here's what we call creativity. In Cuba, where new things are rare, a phone gets turned into an electric fan, and a plastic bottle becomes a taxi sign. mark for My Articles similar articles
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