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Magazine articles on racial issues or of special interest to minorities.
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December 1, 2006
John Goff
The 5 Cent Empire Native American tribes parlayed legalized gambling into a $22 billion lifeline. Now states want a piece of the action. mark for My Articles 142 similar articles
Sports Central
November 4, 2006
Greg Wyshynski
Banned in the NBA In a move noteworthy for its stunning stupidity, the NBA banned a fan who yelled racial-sensitive epithets at Houston Rockets' center Dikembe Mutombo from attending games in all league arenas this season. mark for My Articles 45 similar articles
Sports Central
November 4, 2006
Bijan C. Bayne
Book Review: "A Well-Paid Slave" Brad Snyder's "A Well-Paid Slave" details the life of Curt Flood, who's 1969 refusal to be traded is credited as the inspiration for baseball's binding arbitration and free agency. mark for My Articles 30 similar articles
Financial Advisor
November 2006
David J. Drucker
Crossing Racial Lines Some financial advisors make an effort to serve clients of different races and ethnicities. mark for My Articles 6 similar articles
World War II
November 2006
David P. Colley
African American Platoons in World War II In March 1945, black volunteers forced the first breach in the U.S. Army's color barrier -- the first black soldiers officially serving shoulder to shoulder with whites in an American infantry unit since George Washington was in command of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. mark for My Articles 397 similar articles
World War II Letter from November 2006 World War II Magazine Without the help of the men and women in black combat groups such as the Tuskegee Airmen and the 761st Tank Destroyer Battalion, the war would not have been won. mark for My Articles 18 similar articles
Sports Central
October 10, 2006
Alvin Chang
The Greatest Thing in All His Life The impact of Buck O'Neil's death will pass, and the impact of his message will most likely pass with it. mark for My Articles 18 similar articles
October 2006
Radley Balko
The Case of Cory Maye A cop is dead, an innocent black man may be on death row, and drug warriors keep knocking down doors. mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
October 2006
Damon Root
'A Glorious Liberty Document' The book Frederick Douglass and the Fourth of July by James A. Colaiaco, documents Douglass' case for an anti-slavery Constitution. mark for My Articles 51 similar articles
Registered Rep.
September 19, 2006
John Churchill
Merrill's O'Neal to Be Deposed for Discrimination Suit Stanley O'Neal, chairman and CEO of Merrill Lynch, will be deposed as part of the discovery phase in a race-discrimination suit filed by one of the firm's black brokers. mark for My Articles 577 similar articles
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