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Magazine articles on philanthropy and charities.
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AFP eWire
June 9, 2014
Top Ten (Week of June 9, 2014): 34 Powerful Ads That Made Me Really Stop and Think 34 Powerful Ads That Made Me Really Stop And Think... From Sea to Shining Sea, America is Charitable!... The Great Peer to Peer Fundraising Donor Debate... mark for My Articles 557 similar articles
May 28, 2014 Foundation Unveils Salesforce1 for Nonprofits New solutions offer tools for program management, community engagement, marketing communications, and fundraising. mark for My Articles 270 similar articles
AFP eWire
June 3, 2014
The Long (and Continuing) Travels of the Charitable IRA Rollover Since being first approved in 2006, the IRA Rollover provision has expired -- and been reinstated -- several times in a process AFP and other charities have gotten used to. mark for My Articles 463 similar articles
AFP eWire
June 2, 2014
Top Ten (Week of June 2, 2014): How to Achieve Out of This World Open Rates How Effective Is Your Welcome Program?... Overhead Ratios: How to Answer Your Donors' Questions... 6 Tips for Effective Nonprofit Crisis Planning... mark for My Articles 410 similar articles
Susan J. Ellis
Volunteers and the Quest for Innovation Are we inventing bigger and better Band-Aids for the symptoms rather than eliminating the root causes of seemingly intractable problems? mark for My Articles 171 similar articles
AFP eWire
May 28, 2014
Top Ten (Week of May 28, 2014): 6 Ways to Get Dumped by Your Donors 64% Of Donations Are Made By Women... Preheader text: another way to get your fundraising emails opened... What I Learned About Innovation From 5 th Graders... mark for My Articles 469 similar articles
AFP eWire
May 28, 2014
My Experience with the International Advanced Diploma on Fundraising -- I Chose to be a Guinea Pig, But Why!? Why did Simone Joyaux feel the need to take it one step further and go for the International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising? mark for My Articles 369 similar articles
AFP eWire
May 21, 2014
Top Ten (Week of May 21, 2014): 7 Ways to Kiss Fundraising Goodbye Surpassing Expectations Deserves a Reward ... 3 Reasons Why Nonprofits Don't Do Storytelling... 4 Tips for Achieving Real Creativity in Your Direct Response Fundraising Program... mark for My Articles 518 similar articles
AFP eWire
May 20, 2014
Donor Retention -- The Talk of The Town Some of you may be thinking, "Retention? Enough Already!" The truth is - it's important, it's a hot topic and it's not going anywhere. mark for My Articles 422 similar articles
Commercial Investment Real Estate
May/Jun 2014
Mary Stark Hood
Charitable Donations of Life Insurance Life insurance is often overlooked as a gifting option when individuals are considering gifts to charities, but it can be an effective way to provide a charity with funds for future work. mark for My Articles 690 similar articles
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