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Magazine articles on modern and ancient myths.
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Civil War Times
Mar/Apr 2006
Jeffry D. Wert
George Custer: Between Myth and Reality George Armstrong Custer stalks America's past with a disturbing presence. Reality and myth about him still collide on the battlefields of Virginia and Pennsylvania. mark for My Articles similar articles
Bernie Alexander
Vampires: Eternal Bloodlust With the new vampire flick Eternal coming out soon, interest in the genre is expected to shoot up again. Let's get prepped by exploring the mythical world of vampires from a scientific, historical and sociological standpoint. mark for My Articles similar articles
April 10, 2002
Steven Hart
Galactic gasbag Beneath all the pseudo-mythic Joseph Campbell hogwash, the roots of George Lucas' empire lie not in "The Odyssey" but in classic and pulp 20th century sci-fi... mark for My Articles similar articles
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